In Yalutorovsk I arrived early in the morning, at the rail station there were chirping sparrows only with no people at all and a sleepy guard. I planned about 5 hours to see the city of the Decembrists, but in real time I had enough 2 hours to go all over the city.

Yalutorovsk with a population of about 40 thousand is in the Tyumen region about 100 km, maybe slightly less from Tyumen. A transib passes through the city. In this town the Decembrists exiled, in particular Muravyov-Apostol, Obolensky, Pushchin. The exiled noblemen made a great contribution to the development of Yalutorovsk.



1. I like the theme of wooden architecture in the small towns in Russia.
 In the oldest village of the Ivanovo region in the settlement of Luh, I managed to find the type of dwellings that are peculiar to this place, which is interesting from the point of view of ethnography and anthropology.


1. Gelendzhik met us very unkindly with cold, downpour and gusts of wind.

Rostov-on-Don became for us the place for rest on the way to Moscow. And I did not expect that this city will make such a good impression on me. The surprise was most caused by the fact that I had not ever heard about it before, and when there are no expectations, the city tour may be a real surprise.


After spending the night, we went to explore the sights of the city.

First impressions - the city is unusually filled with greenery.

Pokrov city is located in the Vladimir region, 100 kilometers far from Moscow (8 km from the border with the Moscow region). The city is famous for its cakes, also in the city well-known brands of chocolate are produced; there are jewelry factory and brewery. I visit this town at least once a year, mostly come here for cakes.

Pokrov city is located in the Vladimir region, 100 kilometers far from Moscow (8 km from the border with the Moscow region)

A monument to chocolate (Chocolate Fairy). This monument came here in 2009.

Today we walk through the city of Kostroma.


Today we walk through the city of Kostroma

2. Next to Susaninskaya Square, on Tekstilshiki (textile workers) Avenue – there is an interesting example of the pre-war Soviet architecture. The windows are framed by grand columns, between which are sculptures of the pioneers.

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