Another attraction, traditionally belonging to the museum complex of the Kulikovo Field, is the settlement of Epifan.

In fact, the village does not have a special relation to Kulikov (its history begins in the 16th century) from the border fortress of Russia, but it is located side by side, so it is included in the excursion routes. We went there too.

One of the two main attractions of the village is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker:

epifan 1

The cathedral itself was built in the 1810s-1850s and is an excellent example of a classical style:

epifan 2

On Lenin Street, the house of the merchant Rytikov, the last quarter of the 19th century, is green, on the second floor of which from May 1890 to August 1893 the apartment of Lenin Ulianov was rented.


lenin in samara 1
At this time, the future leader of the world proletariat was preparing for the exams, then he passed them in externally at the Faculty of Law of the St. Petersburg Imperial University. Since 1940 there is a museum here.

1) I decided to split the story about the district town of Mtsensk in two parts. In the first - about of the nature of the Orel region, in the second - a walk around the town. Standing on Zushe river, Mtsensk is picturesquely stretched on the hills and slopes descending to the water. All this deserves attention.


2) The population of the town is now just under 39,000 people. A significant part of the historical building was lost during the Great Patriotic War, but almost all of the 18 churches in the city survived, which during the war served as reference points for German and Soviet troops during the Battle of Kursk.

suzdal 1

Suzdal is still really an amazing town. It somehow manages to maintain the atmosphere, from which those who come here and say "as if you were in the century before last."

1. Suzdal is located on a small Kamenka river. Although, it is now a small one, but once it was navigable and even entered the trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks."
View from Kremlin ramparts to Ilinsky meadow and Ilyinsky church of the 18th century. They say that it stands on Ivan's Hill, where in pagan times there was the temple of Ivan Kupala.

novaya ladoga 0

Let's take a walk along Novaya Ladoga and see its civil architecture.

novaya ladoga 1

Having inspected the small town of Kologriv, I took a short stroll to its near neighborhood beyond the river Unzha. The road goes there for about 30 kilometers through the deaf villages (50 years ago there was much more there than now), then it rests on the forest and ends in a dead end. Despite this, through Unzhu on its right bank an unexpectedly large bridge built. On the other bank, I managed to look two villages - Sukhoverhovo and Ekimtsevo.


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