Moscow is one of the world’s richest cities in the number of tourist attractions. At a conservative estimate there are more than five thousand of Moscow attractions. These include both UNESCO World Heritage sites and monuments, quays, churches, bridges, buildings, museums, circuses, stadiums and many other attractions of the capital.

Moscow attractions

On my website you will find a description and photographs of the most famous, colorful and all the favorite sights of Moscow. Here you may learn not only about previously known locations in Moscow, but also to choose a place walking, as well as to discuss the sights with other readers.

Moscow monuments

Moscow monuments

In Moscow, there are more than a thousand monuments of architectural, historical and memorial significance. You can learn about the most interesting, iconic and beautiful monuments of Moscow in our site.

Embankments of Moscow

Embankments of Moscow

Embankment of Moscow is one of the iconic sights of the capital. Each embankment in Moscow has a rich history and is surrounded by historical buildings and, of course, the view is different. On our site you may learn about the most exciting waterfront of Moscow and other city of Russia: description, interesting features and history of photography.

Fountains of Moscow

Fountains of Moscow

Moscow has about 700 fountains. All of them work in the seasonal mode, from April to October. However, the capital fountains are considered one of the landmarks of Moscow, near which there are always people of the city and tourists.

Abandoned buildings in Moscow

bandoned buildings in Moscow

Abandoned buildings of the capital are among the unknown sights of Moscow. There are the mystery, rich history, a lot of rumors and remarkable facts. All of this causes great attention and interest of metropolitan residents.

Moscow on the map

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