The main transport for the city is electric transportation. Trolley buses and trams carry up to 70 % of all passengers. There are also 47 bus routes and the fare is set at 15 rubles ($ 0.45). The authorities decided that the tariff on public transport will increase annually. Now it will increase depending on the level of inflation. Besides taxis (minibuses) (71 routes) got fairly widespread.

A federal highway and 2 regional roads run through the administrative center. There are 3 bus stations in the city. In addition, there are three railway stations and at the main of them railway station was erected. From this station, passengers can go to any of the regions of the Russian Federation. The main air gateway here is an international airport. It is located in the eastern part of the city. In the southern part of Krasnodar is a cargo port on the river Kuban.

krasnodar russia

The city is located in the temperate climatic zone. It is characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The maximum average monthly temperature is in July (+24.1 °C), and the lowest - in January (+0.6 °C). The average annual temperature is same +12.1 °C.

Job in Krasnodar

Sufficiently favorable investment climate of the city and its high economic potential causes that once 130 medium and large enterprises are functioning here. They represent such industries as food, agricultural products, tobacco, furniture, knitwear and garments, construction materials, as well as metalworking, machinery and equipment production. In addition, there is an oil refinery. In addition to these experts for enterprises, the city is in need of builders and trade sector workers. All you need to know about oil production in Russia.

The population in Krasnodar

To date, the population in Krasnodar tends to its growth. According to the 2012, here live 763,899 people. Most of the population is Russians. Due to economic migration, which began here immediately after the "perestroika", a lot of immigrants from the Far North, the Caucasus, Ukraine and the North Caucasus south of the Russian Federation arrived in the city.

Entertainment and leisure in Krasnodar

In Krasnodar, there is a large number of catering, including cafes "Kroshka-Kartoshka", "Elki-Palki", chain of sushi cafes "Minami", "Ris" (Rice), "Tanuki" and "ProSushi", pizza chain "Zhar-pizza", "Luna-Pizza", "Sport- pizza", "Ekha" and "Uni- Pizza" restaurant chain "Lubo" and "Sbarro", as well as McDonalds, Rostix -KFC and Subway. Large number of them in many ways causes a relatively low cost for certain dishes.

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High culture is represented by 12 theaters, 8 concert halls, 11 museums (in 2014 Museum of Contemporary Art promise to open) and 7 art galleries.

In addition, there are 4 parks, arboretum, botanical gardens, several zoos and aquariums, 2 water parks and 10 cinemas.

Today the city looks quite promising. There are a lot of jobs, and the city's population is constantly growing and infrastructure is improving. Besides the well-being of residents here is one of the best among other centers southern Russia. So, to move in Krasnodar, it is a good choice.

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