Life in Saratov is measured and calm. In the city there are trams, buses and trolleybuses. Trip onto public transport here is relatively expensive. This applies especially night time, when you have to pay 18 rubles ($ 0.55) for one trip. In addition, there are a lot of taxis (minibuses). Since the 1980s, discusses the construction of the subway in the city, but today all that remains at the level of ideas. The city now is not even on the list of centers in which underground is going to build to 2020 as well.

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The city is situated at the crossroads of several roads, rail and water lines. Also 6 federal highways pass directly through the city. Near the city the bypass road, reduces the load on urban roads. Rail transport is important enough for the city and 3 stations and two depots are responsible for it. At the same time there is an international airport in the country. In Saratov the construction of a new airport began in 2012.

Housing in the city now is not in the best condition. Especially it applies to low-rise buildings located in the central districts. The historic center today requires overhaul, as many of the buildings are in disrepair and do not even have sewage. Now the city authorities are trying to solve this pressing problem.

Internet connection is carried out by 18 ISPs and 8 operators offer cellular services.

The climate in the city is a moderate continental. This administrative center is characterized by long, cold winters and hot dry summers. The average annual temperature is +6.9 °C. The coldest period is in February, when the temperature is kept at a level of 8.1 °C below zero. As for the warmest month, this is July. The air is heated to an average of 22.4 °C.

Job in Saratov

Mainstay of the industry of the city since the Soviet era was the machinery and machine tools. Home based businesses which are often in need of new employees, at the moment are of " Saratov Plant of Power Engineering", "Saratov Assembly Plant", "Saratov Bearing Plant", "Saratov Fittings Plant" and "Tantalus". Besides, there are several enterprises in the city engaged in oil and gas sector ("Gazprommash","Saratov Oil Refinery", "Saratovorgsintez" and others). Also, there are a large number of companies of light and food industries. Specialists in these areas, as well as physicians and housing employees can easily find jobs.

The population in Saratov

Today in Saratov population tends to decrease. According to the 2012, 836,900 people lived in the city. The basis for the Population of the city is Russians (85.6 %). In addition, there are many Ukrainians (3.8%), Tatars (2%), Mordovan (0.9%) and Chuvash (0.8%).

Entertainment and leisure

The city is a major cultural center. Here there are 12 musical groups. The largest collection of historical and cultural values in the city is stored at Saratov Museum Radischev and Saratov regional museum. Now there are 9 theaters and 6 cinemas in the city.

According to the 2012, in Saratov, there are 164 bars (45 of them are sushi bars), 470 cafés, 43 coffee shops, as well as a large number of restaurants and pizzerias. In summer a lot of street cafes open.

The city today is unlikely to attract the attention of those who are used to clean the street. Gradually, however, its streets still get rid of the debris. The experts say the prospect of the city in the future, as there are both a large number of industrial enterprises and developed infrastructure.

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