To date, public transport in the city is mainly buses and trolleybuses. And mainly they are not municipal but privately owned. The cost per trip day is 11 rubles ($ 0.35). After 22:00 for the same service you will have to pay already 15 rubles ($ 0.45). It is proposed to build so -called light metro and light rail.

With regard to the transport in Voronezh, it consists of road, rail and air routes. In today Voronezh there are 2 railway stations. In addition, today a question of building a transit station on the left bank is considering. Within the city 2 bus stations operate. One is located in the central part, and the second in the south-west. Through the city highway "Don" and 1 regional road pass. The airport is not located within the city, but 5 km in its boundary. At the same time this airport has international status.

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In the city, there is a big enough problem with the drinking water supply. The fact is that underground sources are only used in Voronezh. As a result, the city has to save water, but it has a sufficiently high quality. Owing to the shortage of water in many districts previously from 06:00 until 12:00 and from 17:00 to 23:00, it was simply turned off. Now there is not this problem, but still even the head of the Voronezh Regional Administration notes that it is one of the main problems of the city.

The climate here is moderate. In the winter snow lies a long time enough, but severe frosts is practically not observed. At the same time in December thaw is often observed. Summer in the city is quite warm, and sometimes hot. The average temperature for the year here is 6.9 °C. The coolest month in the city is February. The average monthly temperature is 6.5 °C below zero. As for the warmest month, then in Voronezh - this is July, when the thermometer rises to mark the level of 20.5 °C.

Job in Voronezh

In recent years, the number of specialists needed by the heavy industry of the city, has decreased significantly. The main enterprises are "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company", "Voronezhstalmost" and "Vodmashoborudovanie". At the same time there are a lot of banks and various retail outlets. So that employees of the banking sector quickly find a job in the city. In addition, there are many food businesses, which often have several vacancies.

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The population in Voronezh

Data of 2013 shows that now 1,003,725 people live in the city. Moreover, this figure is set to rise.

Entertainment and leisure

In this city, there are a sufficiently large number of libraries, museums, theaters, cinemas and exhibition halls, so that everyone has an opportunity to join a truly high culture. Addition to, there are circus and the Philharmonic. It is noted that today there is a tendency to reduce the number of cultural objects. However, most of their functions the annual festivals assumed: International Festival name after Platov (Festivale "Platonovskiy"), Outdoor Poetry Festival "Poeteh", All-Russian festival of Japanese animation, as well as "Jazz Province". There are many clubs and bars for those who prefer night life instead of theaters.

The city is not the most comfortable, and it is relatively difficult to find a job for engineers of heavy industry as the production of them is steadily declining. There is also a need for workers in trade and banking spheres. So if there is appropriate education and the opportunity to move into a new building, so this city is the perfect place to live.

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