The main kind of public transport in Krasnoyarsk are buses, which there are more than 1000 ones. The peculiarity of this city is that addition to buses in the city on the left bank there are only trolleybuses and on the right bank only trams. Previously electric trains only functioned in the city. Furthermore, it is assumed to freeze the project of subway construction, which began in 1995.

The city is quite important transport railway junction, as the Trans-Siberian Railway passes through it. In the near future, it is expected launch of high-speed trains “Sapsan” (Peregrine). 3 important highways: "Baikal", "Yenisei tract" and "Yenisei" pass through the city.

krasnoyarsk russia

River station in Krasnoyarsk is one of the most beautiful in Russia. Though, river transport does not have decisive importance for the city.

With regard to air transport, the city has 2 airports, which carry both passenger and freight transportation. At that airport "Cheremshanka" works exclusively within the Russian airlines, and "Emelyanovo" is international one.

Another nice feature of the city is the fact that there is free Wi-Fi in most buses.

The climate in the city is continental. However, it is relatively soft, as next to Krasnoyarsk there is the large volume of water (reservoir and Yenisei, which does not freeze in winter). The average annual temperature in the city is at the level of +1.6 °C. The warmest month is July (+19.1 °C), while the coldest - January (-15.5 °C).

Job in Krasnoyarsk

Within the city, there are more than 17,000 enterprises, institutions and organizations. Leading sectors in Krasnoyarsk are non-ferrous metallurgy, the aerospace industry, woodworking, machinery, chemical industry, transportation, food processing, trade, and service industries. A worker who is a specialist in one of these industries will easily find a place for himself.

The population in Krasnoyarsk

According to 2012, the population of Krasnoyarsk has grown to the level of 1,006,800 people. According to data gathered in the course of the Russian census of 2010, an ethnic group is dominated by Russian (91.96%). More than 1 % of the population here are Ukrainians (1.02%) and Tatars (1.01%).

Entertainment and leisure in Krasnoyarsk

A visiting card of Krasnoyarsk are so-called "Stolby" (Poles). True symbol of Krasnoyarsk is a Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel.

It is interesting that every day at 12:00 a shot out of a cannon on Guard Mount takes place.

The city is somewhat unique because of its parks. The park of flora and fauna called "Royev ruchey" includes the largest zoo in the entire Far East, Siberia and the Urals. Fan Park "Bobrovy log" is the most extensive skiing and recreational complex, located east of the Urals. The museum fund of the city has more than 1.3 million units of storage. Again, beyond the Urals – it is the largest repository of museum value. Theatergoers will not be disappointed, because there are 11 theaters in the city. In addition, the city has once 7 cinemas. Naturally, such a large city with a population exceeding 1 million people has a huge number of bars, cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. However, it should be noted that the prices are a little higher than in the adjacent regions.

To date, the city is growing quite rapidly. It has already surpassed many other Russian centers by standard of living. So in addition to tourist interest, it is attractive enough for those who decided to move.

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