Public transport in the city is represented by trolleybuses, trams, buses and trains. Cost of 1 trip today is 13 rubles ($ 0.4). Besides, in the city the issue repeatedly raised by the construction of the subway, but it has not yet begun.

Trains have great importance for the city. Through it the most important ways of transporting cargo and passenger transportation pass. The city has its "air gates" - the airport "Bolshoe Savino" (Big Savino). It has the ability to take almost all types of modern aircrafts and has an international status. Planes taking off from it, not only operate flights with other Russian centers, but also with the cities of Greece, Spain, India, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and others.

perm russia

A sufficiently large number of roads lead to the city of Perm. Everything else the federal highway begins there leading to Yekaterinburg. The city has 2 river ports, which are the most eastern of all European ones. Thanks to them the heavy loads sent to the Caspian, Azov, Black, White and Baltic seas. Besides passenger transportations are carried out in Astrakhan, Rostov -on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Internet penetration in the city is 69 %. Internet access is carried out by 4 service providers (ER-Telecom, MTS, Rostelecom and Beeline).

The climate of the city is temperate continental. It is characterized by high humidity caused by the proximity of the Kama Reservoir. The average annual temperature here is 2.7 °C. The coldest month in this city is January. This month the average temperature falls to a level of 12.8 °C below zero. The warmest month is July (average temperature is +18.7 °C).

Job in Perm

In the city, there is the main office of "Territorial Generating Company number 9". Its structure is composed CHP number 6, CHP number 9, CHP number 13, CHP number 14 and Kama SDP. In addition, there are 2 plants, owned by an oil - gas company "Lukoil". There are also several of its subsidiaries.

There is also engineering enterprises, mainly military-industrial complex. Products are also manufactured for the oil and gas production and conduct of mining operations. Besides great importance for the city are food and chemical industries. Also the city has perhaps the most prominent Russian joint venture for the production of bicycles called "Forward". Almost all of these enterprises exhibit their job, except, perhaps, the Perm Machine-Building Plant named after Dzerzhinsky, which today is bankrupt and for sale. Russia - oil production: Learn more...

Also, the city has more than 80 banks, both public and commercial. Naturally, they need new employees.

The population in Perm

In 2012, the number of people equal 1000672 in Perm. In comparison with 2011 it increased slightly. The main ethnic group occupied by Russians (88.6%). Other common nationalities are Tatars (4.3%), Ukrainians (1.6%), Bashkirs (1.0%) and Permian Komis (1.0%).

Entertainment and leisure in Perm

This city will be very interesting for those who like to see the next movie premiere in a somewhat unusual theater. The fact is that in the Kama valley there is "Kinodrom al fresco". The city has also another 9 cinemas and the minimum number of rooms in them is four. Two of them have 8 rooms as well. To date, the city has 13 museums. There are 4 public, as well as several amateur and community theaters. Besides various competitions and festivals are held, the largest of which is the International Festival called "The Diaghilev seasons". Also, the city is replete with a variety of restaurants and cafes. "Night animals" will not be disappointed, as there are many sorts of clubs and bars in Perm.

The city is interesting enough to move for those who are looking for a job with good salary. Addition to, the city draws its relatively low level of payment for utility services and public transport.

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