Public transport fares in the city are the lowest in the Russian Federation. At the same time until 2013 they were all miserable - 9 rubles ($ 0.25). Now, in order to ride onto public transport in the city you will have to pay 12 rubles ($ 0.35). If you have the electronic transport card, the cost of one trip for you to be only 9 rubles ($ 0.25). At present, there are almost all kinds of public transport in Ufa (buses, trams, trolleybuses). Earlier it was planned to build a subway, but now it refused. Authorities are going to solve the problem of traffic jams using high-speed trams up to 2025. So life in Ufa will go faster.

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Ufa is connected by plenty of transport linking the city with other centers of the Russian Federation. It is the only one in Russia, which is connected with the capital at once by two federal highways. There are 2 bus stations: "Severny" (North) and "Yuzhny" (South). Within the city limits there are 9 railway stations. Belaya River (White River) is navigable. Transportation of passengers and different cargo is carried out on it. In addition, the city has an international airport.

City water supply is mainly due to the rivers Belaya, Ufa and Demy. In the energy sector employed the following companies: "Bashkirenergo", "Bashkir Power Distribution Networks" and "Bashkir heat distribution network".

The climate is continental in the city. It is characterized by prolonged moderately cold winters, warm summers, and relatively high humidity. The coldest month is January. At this time, the average temperature is -13.7 °C. The warmest month is July, when the average temperature is +19.3 °C. The average annual temperature is at the level of +38.12 °C.

Job in Ufa

Ufa is a major manufacturing center. Here there are a very large number of very different industries. The city has the engine-building and instrument-making enterprises. There are enterprises engaged in microelectronics, cable products. Some enterprises utilize non-ferrous and precious metals, carry out the manufacture and assembly of the trolleybuses, repair locomotives. Among other things, there are several plants of construction, woodworking, food, light industry and pharmaceutical industry. Also here, there are about 5000 organizations, and catering. All these companies periodically need new employees. As in other cities, there is also a need for health professionals and IT- specialists.

The population in Ufa

Up to 2013 in the city approximately 1,086,000 people reside. To date, the positive dynamics of population growth are observed. The national structure is dominated by Russians, which are 50.5%. There are many Tatars (28.5 %) and Bashkirs (13.66 %).

Entertainment and leisure in Ufa

Now the city has 6 public and 2 private theaters. In addition, there are about 50 libraries. Premieres world cinema can be seen in one of 10 cinemas. Many of the cultural values of the Republic of Bashkortostan collected on the shelves of 13 museums located in the territory of the city. For nature lovers, there are 12 parks. Everything else the city has a huge variety of attractions, restaurants, clubs, bars and dance floors.

The city is quite interesting for those who want to find jobs in their specialty, as there are a huge number of companies operating in various industries.

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