Rostov- on-Don is the administrative center of Rostov region and the center of the Southern Federal District. It was founded in 1749. The city is situated on the banks of the Don River near the confluence of it in the Sea of Azov.

Among all cities in the Southern Federal District, in Rostov- on-Don the fare is the most expensive. A bus ride costs 15 rubles ($ 0.45), and ride onto tram or trolleybus - 13 rubles ($ 0.4). It should be noted that cashless payment system operates in public transport. Today in this city, there is a problem with traffic jam. This is the main reason that the authorities are planning to run intercity electric trains.

rostov-na-don russia

The city is a major transportation hub of the Russian Federation. Here, there is an international airport, an international seaport, 1 main and suburban train station and 1 main and suburban bus station. It is expected to complete construction of the largest airport in the southern part of the Russian Federation in 2017 began in 2011. It will be called Southern hub. It will be located 40 km from the city.

The main waterway of Rostov-on- Don is the Don River. It is from it the intake for the enterprises and life support for residents is carried out.

The climate of this city is moderately continental. Winters are mild enough and without snow as well. In turn, the summer is dry, hot and long enough. Cloudy days this time of year are a rarity. The average annual weather here equals +9.9 °C. The warmest month is July. During this period, the thermometer is set at an average of at +23.3 °C. The coldest month is January (average temperature is -2.9 °C).

Job in Rostov- on-Don

The main enterprises of this city are:

  • "Horizont" (the production of navigational radar for military and civilian fleets, devices of border protection and electronic calculators);
  • "Almaz" (it carries out manufacturing communications;
  • "Donskoy Tabak" (one of the largest cigarette manufacturer in the Russian Federation);
  • GEA -10 (the production of bearings;)
  • "Molot" (The Hammer) (the production and distribution of mixers);
  • "Legmash" (produces equipment for light industry);
  • "Rostselmash" (the largest manufacturer of self-propelled combines in Russia).

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These businesses often expose new job. Besides, the city, as elsewhere, is in need of doctors. The average monthly salary here is 25 400 rubles ($ 770). There is the tendency of constant growth of this indicator.

The population in Rostov -on-Don

In 2012, in Rostov -on-Don lived 1,099,500 people. The biggest ethnic group is the Russians. Besides them there are many Ukrainians, Armenians, Jews, Belorussians, Greeks and Georgians.

Entertainment and leisure in Rostov -on-Don

Almost all the entertaining life in Rostov on Don focused on the waterfront. There is a whole infrastructure for a pleasant pastime. The city has many restaurants, clubs, bars and various cafes. Prices are relatively acceptable. A statue called "Rostovchanka" greets guests.

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The city has quite a large number of businesses that require a lot of employees. At the same time they offer relatively high wages for workers. The city has a good environment enough as well. Given the still pleasant climate, the city is perfect for life.

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