Omsk is one of the largest cities in Russia and it is the administrative center of Omsk region. The city was founded in 1716.

Now the city has almost all varieties of public transport except for the subway, which is currently under construction. To date, the cost of 1 for trip on all kinds of intercity public transport is 16 rubles ($ 0.5).

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With regard to transportation for communication with other city centers, there are also practically all its varieties. The city of Omsk has a river station, which still carries quite a lot of passenger traffic. At the same time there is also a transshipment port, which is the largest one on Irtysh River. The rapid development of the city occurs due to the construction of the Trans-Siberian way. Along its course in the city, there are once 2 stations corresponding European standards. Today within the city, there is an airport "Omsk- Centralny". 30 km outside the city airport "Omsk- Central" is located. Now mayors are looking for investors to resume construction of the international airport called "Omsk- Fedorivka". Everything else there is a bus station in the city.

To date, Internet access about 20 companies provide. But now in the city, there is still the private sector, where there are difficulties with high-speed Internet access. To date, technology Wi-Fi is planned to develop.

The city has a temperate continental climate. However, it should be noted that the weather conditions are much more severe than in other cities located at the same latitude. The average annual temperature is only +2.1 °C. The coldest month of the year is January. During this period the temperature in the city falls to an average of -16.3 °C. The warmest month of the year for Omsk is July, when the average temperature is set at the level of 19.6 °C.

Job in Omsk

The industrial base of this city are enterprises of aerospace, petrochemical and engineering industry. In addition the city has a big enough amount of food and light industry. Additionally the city is in 1st place among all other Russian centers by the level of infrastructure development. Consequently, apart from the usual demand for doctors and IT-specialists, the city is constantly in need of highly qualified employees to work in the above industries.

The population in Omsk

Up to 2012 the population of this city was 1,157,000 people. The main ethnic group of the city is Russian (84.9%). Besides, there are many Kazakhs (3.2%), Ukrainians (1.9%), Tatars (1.2%) and Germans (1.2%).

Entertainment and leisure in Omsk

Within the city, there are more than 250 monuments. Also here, there are about 10 museums and 10 theatres. Music lovers can enjoy Oblast Philharmonic. Within the city are 16 cinemas and 5 parks. All these classic cultural, entertainment and educational institutions are in perfect harmony with lots of modern restaurants, clubs, bars and dance floors.

Due to the large number of industrial enterprises working man with virtually any specialization can easily find a job. Besides this, the city has excellent investment climate and it is very suitable to develop small or medium business. Therefore, I believe you can live in Omsk, with comfortable and pleasant!

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