Castles and palaces of St. Petersburg - is that you necessarily need to see coming to this city. St. Petersburg from the first years of its foundation to the present day has been and continues to be one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian state for a long time, and it has formed the architectural appearance of the city. Reigning persons, erected for themselves the castles and palaces that served as their residences (there were summer and winter residence). Each ruler had his preferences and almost nobody used them - this explains the abundance of castles and palaces in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.

Palaces of St Petersburg

The list of all the palaces of St. Petersburg

Imperial Palaces

  • Winter Palace of Peter I (1716 - 1727, architect Georg Mattarnovi) - partially preserved
  • Winter Palace (1754 - 1762, architect B. Rastrelli)
  • Anichkov Palace, architect B. Rastrelli (substantially rebuilt)
  • Elagin palace, architect Carlo Rossi
  • Summer Palace of Peter I
  • Palace of Peter II
  • Kamennoostrovskiy Palace
  • Mikhailovsky Castle, architect V. Brenna
  • Tauride Palace, architect I.E. Starov, the palace was built in 1783-1789 for GA Potemkin, after his death it was redeemed
  • Chesmensky palace, architect Y.M. Felten

The grand palaces

  • Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich (Moika River Embankment, 106)
  • Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich (Moika River Embankment, 122, 1882 - 1885, architect M.E. Messmacher)
  • Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich (English Embankment., 28)
  • Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich - "House of Scientists" (Palace Embankment, 26, 1867 - 1872, architect A.I. Rezanov involving V.A. Shreter, interior trim – M.E. Messmacher, 1882-1885);
  • Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich (street Glinka, 13)
  • Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna (Tchaikovsky Street, 46-48)
  • Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich (English Embankment., 54)
  • Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich "Malo- Michaeylovsky" (Admiralteyskaya Embankment. 8, 1885 - 1888, architect M.E. Messmacher)
  • Grand Duke Nicholas (Jr.) (Peter nab., 2, 1910 - 1913, architect A.S. Khrenov)
  • Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich (English Embankment., 66-68)
  • Small marble palace (mansion N.A. Kushelev- Bezborodko, Gagarinskaya Street, 3)
  • Mariinsky Palace (St. Isaac's Square, 6, 1839-1844, architect A. Stakenschneider)
  • Mikhailovsky Palace (Engineering street, 4/2, 1819-1825, architect Carlo Rossi)
  • Marble Palace, architect A. Rinaldi
  • Nicholas Palace (Palace of Labor, labor square, 4, 1853-1861, architect A. Stakenschneider)
  • Novo- Mikhailovsky Palace (Palace Embankment., 18, 1857-1862, architect A. Stakenschneider)

Noble palaces

  • Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, architect A. Stakenschneider
  • Menshikov Palace (1710 - 1720, architects J. - M. Fontana, I- G. Shedel)
  • Stroganov Palace, architect B. Rastrelli
  • Sheremetev Palace ("The Fountain House"), architect S. Chevakinsky
  • Bobrinsky Palace, Galernaya Street, 58-60
  • Palace Bezborodko, Pochtamtskaya Street 7
  • Razumovsky Palace, Moika Embankment, 48
  • Vorontsov – Dashkov’s Palaces
  • Vorontsov Palace, architect B. Rastrelli
  • Yusupov Palace
  • Yusupov Palace on the Moika Embankment, 94
  • Yusupov Palace on Sadovaya Street, Sadovaya Street, 50
  • Shuvalov’s palaces
  • Palace Naryshkins - Shuvalov, Fontanka Embankment 21/Italyanskaya street, 39
  • Shuvalov Palace, Malaya Sadovaya street 1/Italyanskaya street, 25

Lost palaces

  • Srednerogatsky Palace
  • Italian palace
  • Petrovsky Palace
  • Palaces in the naval battle with Sweden:
  • Spotting Palace (for Peter I),
  • Annengof (for Anna Ivanovna)
  • Ekateringofsky Palace (for Catherine I).

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