Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. It was founded in 1005 on the left bank of the Volga at the confluence with Kazanka River.

Municipal transport presents in Kazan virtually all its varieties. There are buses, trolley buses, trams and subway as well. The most expensive public transport is the bus. To ride onto bus you will have to pay 19 rubles ($ 0.6). The cheapest ride is by tram. You will have to pay 15 rubles ($ 0.45). Trolley bus and subway here occupy an intermediate position and the cost per trip on them is 16 rubles ($ 0.5). There are slightly lower rates for those passengers who have electronic (50 trips) or an unlimited travel ticket. For them, the bus ride will cost 15 rubles ($ 0.45), subway and trolley 12 rubles ($ 0.35), and a tram to 10 rubles ($ 0.30).

kazan russia

Intercity transport, as well as freight transport is carried out through various means of transport. First of all it is worth noting the international airport "Kazan". Besides, the railway stations called "Glavny" (Main) and "Transitny" (Transit) are important to the city. Bus stations "Yuzhny" (South) and "Centralny" (Central) are also important for the transportation of passengers. In addition, there are river station and the port.

This is the only city in Russia, where Internet penetration rate reached 75 %. To date, Internet connection is provided by 15 service providers. Moreover, this city is now the only one on the territory of the Russian Federation, in which 3 operators work with standards LTE.

Climate in Kazan is moderately continental with intense heat or cold. Maximum precipitation falls here in the period from June to October. Least of all they are observed in March. The coldest month in the city is January, when the average temperature is 13.5 °C below zero. The warmest month is July (average temperature is equal to 20.2 °C). As a result, the average annual temperature in the city is 4.6 °C.

Job in Kazan

Basis of industry are medium and large chemical, petrochemical and engineering enterprises. Kazan powder plant, three aircraft factories CAPO, KHP helicopter plant, engine plant KMPO are also important to Kazan, as well as food and light industry. Consequently, experts in these areas are constantly in demand in this city.

In addition, there are a sufficiently large number of large banks. In its total capital they occupy third place in Russia immediately after Moscow and St. Petersburg. So that banking workers always find a job in Kazan.

Everything else the city has the largest IT- park in Russia and one of the most extensive in Europe. It constantly needs new qualified specialists.

The city needs builders and health professionals as well.

Relatively larger centers of the Russian Federation, wages is relatively low. In 2011, it amounted to an average of 22 300 rubles ($ 675). However, this is offset by the relatively low cost of goods in many and various services.

The population in Kazan

According to 2012, the city's population is 1,161,308 people. At present, the population tends to rise. This city is perhaps the most cosmopolitan throughout the Russian Federation. There are representatives of 115 different nationalities. The largest are Russians (48.6%) and Tatars (47.6%). Besides, there are many Chuvash, Ukrainians and Azerbaijanis.

Entertainment and leisure in Kazan

The city perfectly combines both classical and modern cultural destinations. Here there are more than 30 museums, numerous libraries, 9 theaters, a large number of parks, bars, restaurants and dance floors.

Kazan annually hosts a huge number of international festivals, the most famous of which are the following: Chaliapin Opera festival, The Rudolf Nureyev International Ballet Festival, Rachmaninov classical music festival, opera open air "Kazan Autumn", rock and folk music festival "Creation of the World", contemporary music "Concordia", Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, as well as role-playing games "Zilantkon".

Kazan would be a great place to work for anyone who does not strive for metropolitan wages, while still having a decent standard of living, as well as who want to live an interesting life.


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