Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation, the center of the Moscow region, the administrative center of the Central Federal District, as well as the federal city. This huge city is the most populated in Europe. The first mention of the current Russian capital dates from the 1147th year. The founder is considered Yuri Dolgoruky.

The Russian capital has almost all kinds of public transport. Since the city is spread over a vast area of 2511 km2, metro plays a special role for its residents and visitors. It is this kind of public transport every day is used by the greatest number of people. Today the fare is 28 Russian rubles ($ 0.9). With regard to travel by tram, bus or trolley bus, then each of them will cost 25 rubles ($ 0.75). As for the taxi, then this kind of transport in Moscow is sufficiently developed, however the trip across the city will "cost a pretty penny".

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Today in Moscow, more than ever there is a question with traffic jams. Authorities are trying to solve it using various measures. Since 1 March 2013, on the Ring Road in the daytime is forbidden to drive by vehicles weighing more than 12 tons. In addition, for those machines that carry perishable foods or directly involved in the livelihood of the capital.

Besides municipal transport in the Russian capital, international transport links are well developed ample with many world centers. At present, there are 10 railway stations and 5 airports. Everything else in the capital, there are several waterbus routes.

In the capital, various communications are well developed and all the creature comforts are available. However, as for all in the world you will have to pay for them. The cost of utility services is much higher than in the regions.

Moscow climate is temperate continental with a pronounced seasonality. Winter often lasts from the middle of November until the end of March. The coldest month is February. The average temperature during this period is -6.7 °C. As for the warmest month, it is July. The average temperature during this period is 19.2 °C. Average annual humidity is about 77 %. The average annual amount of precipitation here is 600-800 mm per year. Most of them come just for the summer period.

Job in Moscow

To date, Moscow requires a sufficiently large number of people of different professions. Moscow is open to all, anyone will find a job. Particularly in the capital of the Russian Federation people with highly professions are in demand (doctors, computer programmers, economists), as well as other experts maintaining the viability of the city (janitors, cashiers, laborers and others). Salaries here are much higher than in the regions and in most countries, located not far from the Russian capital (Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia).

The population in Moscow

Today, Moscow is home to about 12 million people. The city is the most populous city in Europe. Population is dominated by Russian (91.65 %), Ukrainians (1.42 %), Tatars (1.38 %), Armenians (1.28 %), Azerbaijanis (0.53 %), Jews (0.49 %), Belarusians and Georgians (by 0.36 %).

Modern Russian capital is a major cultural and tourist center. Here there are 100 theaters, 60 museums and numerous galleries and cinemas.

Entertainment and leisure in Moscow

Europe's largest city, "never sleeps". Due to the vast number of different clubs, restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment here everyone has the opportunity to find a place for entertainment. However, prices are much higher than in the regions.

Today, a huge number of people of a wide variety of professions seek to the Russian capital. Thanks to the huge opportunities virtually everyone can find a job. The main obstacle is the high cost of renting and rent an apartment. In that case, if you want to move to Moscow, it is best to take care in advance of getting a job that will allow you to rent, and eventually buy your own living space, which by the way is very expensive. So I would think a hundred times about moving to Moscow as it requires a large amount of money to live comfortably here.

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