In Gorokhovets I have been the second time, the first one I’ve been here in 2006, but then I remembered that it is - without exaggeration, one of the most interesting small towns in Russia. Judge for yourself: in the line of sight of each other there are three monasteries, the Cathedral and the church, and - most importantly - a dozen stone chambers and craftsman houses, by the number of which it holds a solid third place after Moscow and Pskov. In short, the urban landscape here has not changed since the late 17th - early 18th century.


Gorokhovets has extremely simple history: It was founded by Andrew Bogolyubsky as a frontier fortress and was first mentioned in chronicles as one of the cities that were destroyed by the Mongols, was always a secondary merchant town on the Klyazma, and at the turn of 17 -18 centuries survived very short, just a single generation, the flourishing trade, the reasons for which I do not quite understand. Then - it once again plunged into hibernation (although it was in 1771 as the county town of Vladimir province), which it remains until now. In 2006 I traveled here by train from Nizhny Novgorod (railway station is quite far, as well), but now we have got a car. The view to the east - to the left almost at a right angle away there is Lenin Street, at the turn – is the most modest in the town of Kazan Church (1708):

2. However, there is something on the road too - just east of rotation you can see luxury wooden Mansion - Shorin’s House (1902). The second attraction in Gorokhovets, in addition to the chambers and the churches of the 17th century – is a very modern wooden church:

3. It’s quite interesting and former owner of the house and his property - Gorokhovetsk Shipyard based by Shorin in 1902 and already before the revolution, it built unique tankers or ships floating hospital serving Astrakhan raid. In Soviet times, the plant built fishing vessels, landing motorboats, tugs raid - and all this from a narrow Klyaz'ma fell into the sea. The plant was closed in 1990 and is now almost lost forever. A Shorin’s house is now the house of folk crafts:

3a. Next we went to the center along a long-long Lenin street, and stopped again on the Lenin Square before a half-way to the center.

4. Along the mountain and I went to the center along of the same Lenin Street. On the road there are mostly carved wooden houses, constructed in today's time as a rule

5. A little wooden modern. Morozov’s House:

6. Prishletsov’s mansion (1915), more commonly known as the mermaid house - another Mansion:

7. Mermaids are beautiful!

8. In the lush greenery next Grebensk mountains there are ancient Russian burial mounds:

9. Life under the mountain... In general, for 8 years Gorokhovets became more beautiful.

10. Live under mountain:

11. The town center - Patolichev square, ahead Cathedral of the Annunciation rises:

12. In the park – there is a monument (1979) in honor of Brigade Commander Semyon Patolichev, the hero of the Civil War, was born in Gorokhovetsk:

13. But the most spectacular views you can see around the corner to the right. Sretensky Monastery, founded in 1658 by decree of Nikon, and the house of the merchant Shiryaev, at the turn of the 17-18th centuries who rebuilt the monastery in stone. Actually, as often happened in the merchant cities, there are just one or two names in the town - Shiryaev and Ershov. Ershov.

14. Square until 1979 was called as the Marketplace, and they say that there is the fair on it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The last time I remember well the fairground tent on a background of the monastery, that is, it was here in the trading day. A Shiryaev’s house - is not the only house on the square, almost opposite the house is Ershov-Sudoplatov house (there is another Ershov’s house, about which I’ll tell you later):

15. Left behind there is Resurrection Church (in fact, it is the home church of Ershov’s home), on the right is Trinity Nicholas Monastery on St. Nicholas Mount, literally hovering over the town:

16. Annunciation Cathedral, consecrated in 1700 – is the just brainchild of Semen Yershov.

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