Former farmstead of Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery

This is a very beautiful building is hidden from human eyes in the courtyards of Tverskaya Street. In the second half of the 30s Tverskaya Street was radically reconstructed. The cozy streets Tverskaya Street with the help of Soviet architects turned into a broad highway with typical high-rise buildings.

There are very few houses on Tverskaya Street from the former street: Eliseevsky deli, former hotel "Centralnaya", an apartment house Bakhrushin’s hotel, "Dresden" hotel and the building of a farmstead of Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery. At night, March 4, 1938 the building was moved 50 meters away to its present location. This building was chosen to demonstrate the Soviet skills in moving the buildings without resettlement of residents. According to legend (still the Soviet press liked to embellish events) building was moved so gently that many residents have noticed the movement of the house in the morning.

By the way this is one of the few buildings in Moscow with Courtyard.

To carry out this task engineers had to cut the walls at ground level basement. According to the cut-off, they were strengthened with paired edge beam concreted into the masonry. Edge beam picked up by an I-beam cross-section, the load is transferred from the walls and driving beam.



At the new location of Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery engineers decided not to use special foundations. This is made possible due to several reasons: the house moved along with its basement; ground at the new location was the continent, besides, there was preparation of this ground made of brick rubble layer of 25-30 cm, which was then cemented. All utilities worked since were attached to the house with flexible temporary connections.

Now the building is located at Tverskaya 6 Building 6

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