Smolensk Kremlin deserves special attention. Among all the castles that I've seen, I was impressed most strongly it is from it. It is huge (by area, it is 10 times more of the Moscow Kremlin), effectively placed in relief of the city and generally beautiful required to visit.

There are many old churches here.

And even the very old ones - three temples date back to the XII century. However, compared with the same temples of the Vladimir region, Pereslavl, Pskov and Novgorod the Great, Smolensk temples are least known.

In the previous picture behind of the red-brick Peter and Paul Church built in 1146 there is a major train station that was built in the Stalin era. And, perhaps, that it best represents the modern face of the city.

This is understandable - the city was constantly on the border of the country, therefore, fell under the enemy attacks first. Therefore, the old civic buildings preserved only sporadically.

Pearls come across, but in general this is not the city, where you can explore the pre-revolutionary architecture, of course.

This is first of all because of poverty of the city.

There are broken lights, dirty sidewalks, plenty of graffiti - you say that we have the same, and rightly so. But an abandoned church or a theater in the center of town! - this is too much!.

But we, tourists, most importantly, that there was something to look at, was not it?

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