Let’s take a short walk to the surrounding area of Samara near Bald mountains and caves brothers Greve. In fact, this area can be considered as part of Samara, but here is a real wildlife: you can meet wild boars, moose, foxes and hares.

Many probably know that in the Bald Mountain area everybody can find Father Alexander.

That's what my friend Peter wrote: "Near the mountain I met with the father Alexander. He lives as a hermit on the beach in a brick tower a few months. He engaged in iconography and I talk with him a bit. The next time he told us to take crackers."


2. Resident Father Alexander.

4. View of the Bald Mountain from the Volga.

5. All inclusive.

6. All inclusive. Top view.

7. The Bald mountain and the cross. There was much debate about to install it on this site. But disputes still go, but the cross as was as is. I hope that it will be here for a long time.

8. A Zhiguli Gate. In the area of the steep banks of the Volga in the 60s officials wanted to build a hydroelectric power station, but then urban community one and all came to the protest rally and defended their nature. In Soviet times, it was an incredible audacity - to go to a rally against the policy of the Party.

9. Rocky shores of the Volga in the region of caves Brothers Greve.

11. In the summer in the area we often with friends, go on a kayak. It is extremely difficult to walk on the shore.


13. Cave Brothers Greve.



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