On the occasion of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014, the interest of the international community in Russia, its traditions, culture, customs and religion is significantly increased.

Cultural and historical center crowned by the Temple's Holy Face of Christ the Savior Cathedral, built in the vicinity of the entrance area to the Olympic Park, allowed guests arriving to the venue of the Winter Olympics, get acquainted with the spiritual and cultural life and the long history of the peoples of the Krasnodar. In 2014 it became a worthy object of international hospitality, showing residents of the Olympic Sochi and his guests cultural, religious and historical significance of Russian Orthodoxy.

Temple of the Holy Face of Christ the Savior, in the spoken language is also called "Olympic Temple" or the briefly Redeemer Church – is an Orthodox Church in Sochi, Krasnodar region. It is located in a newly built large spiritual and educational center "Shelter of St. John the Baptist", near the Imereti lowland. Rector – is Archimandrite Flavian.

The complex consists of four towers - Annunciation corps, Spiridonovsky corps, housing staff, housing accommodation of the clergy and the Temple of the Holy Face of Christ the Savior.


During excavations in the city of Sochi in 2010 were found the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church of IX century. It is understood that there Christian martyrs were buried before the foundation of Kievan Rus. Stone taken from the ruins, was laid in the foundation of the new temple.

Instead of the planned earlier in December 2013, the construction of the temple has been over in just a few days before Christmas in 2014. On the feast around 300-400 believers came, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov.

February 2, 2014, Metropolitan Isidore consecrated the church in honor of the Holy Face of Christ the Savior. Three days later, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill conducted a prayer service with the presence of athletes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, as well as officials.

According to the Forum "Sochi-2013", the total cost of the complex is 478 million rubles ($1.3 million), funds were allocated from the regional budget, with the help of the Fund.

The temple was built in the form of tetraconch and neo-Byzantine style of the XIX-XX centuries. The height of the church is about 43 meters. Central quadrangle rises above the other, tapered dome is covered with copper. The temple is surrounded by rectangular volumes chapels on all four sides, the upper tier consists of a semicircular apse, covered with copper conch. On the west side there is a small bell tower on the east side- altar apse. Portals to the north, west and south have porticos with short columns. In the center of the arch is the image of the Savior and around the seraphim. Above the temple was a workshop "AS-pro" under the direction of Theodore Afuksenidi.

And learn some history of the creation of this masterpiece, let’s go personally explore it. Bus driver showed us where and how best to go to the temple. But smooth only on paper, but in life, everything turned out much worse.

This temple was trapped by roads literally

Yes, it's worth a look. A replica built with love, but construction has been continuing to this day. Surprising one, as it was possible to construct a stately building in such a short deadline? In fact, there is no one normal approach to the temple. Maybe there is by a street Spassky, but it is not convenient.

I wonder how Olympic athletes traveled here, because the Olympic Park and the Temple shared by the railway, wasteland with concrete.



After walking around, admiring the architecture, we went to the temple itself. Temple worked and it was good. The big surprise for our ordeals in search of the road to the temple, we were allowed to shoot.  We liked what we saw, 25 artists from the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in honor of Ilya Glazunov painted the walls for four months. The painting was done in the style of Art Nouveau, or realism, recalling the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. Images of angels and biblical characters in the frescoes have their own characteristics, in particular, have large, expressive eyes.

Bell weighing 2000kg first sounded on February 5.


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