One of the first cities in the Moscow region was Dmitry based by Yuri Dolgoruky in 1154. Now Dmitrov, that won the competition as the most comfortable city in Russia, is a good place for a weekend trip from Moscow and the surrounding areas.


01. To get from Moscow to Dmitrov, located 50 kilometers north of the capital, is very simple. From quiet Savyolovsky Station the train rides 1 hour and 20 minutes. The station building of Dmitrov was built in the late XIX century.

02. Water Tower. The city authorities should scavenge around, restrict parking and get rid of dubious shops in station square. It is not very nice to get to the local beauties through a similar dump.

03. Opposite the station a few years ago a monument to St. Demetrios were erected. On the left there is Moscow Street leading to the Kremlin.

04. The city was named after the son of Yuri Dolgoruky - Vsevolod the Big Nest, who received at baptism a second name Dmitri, as in the Christian martyr.

05. Administration of Dmitrov district.

Dmitrov district – is the third largest one in the Moscow region (2182.02 km²), and it is strictly north of Moscow. In the south, it is bordered by the frontal, in the north - of the Tver region. The district is home to 160,000 people, half of them in the town of Dmitrov (65 th.) And Yahroma (13.5 th.). Dmitrov district produces a lot of vegetables, as well as on its territory there is known to many motorists avtopoligone NAMI - the largest such facility in Russia and Europe.

06. Soviet square, a monument in honor of Vladimir Ulyanov and the administration building.

07. Zagorskaya street.

08. Yury Dolgoruky Monument (2001), Prince of Rostov-Suzdal. In addition to Dmitrov, it is believed that he founded and Moscow - in 1147. In the background you can see the shaft of the Dmitrov Kremlin.

09. The main attraction of Dmitrov - Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption. It was built in the XVI century and then rebuilt many times and restored. It is one of the best monuments of Russian architecture.

10. View of the Soviet square. You may notice that there is active construction in the city.

11. Trading House "Dmitrov". The visual appearance of the city gets worse. There is some crazy amount of advertising, even in the center, opposite the historic buildings.

12. Of course, the locals should get rid of all advertising and unclear trade.

13. Let us return to the territory of the Kremlin. This is Grammar school "Logos" (1876).

14. Another beautiful Orthodox church in the pseudo-Russian style – is the Elizabethan Church (1898).

15. Elizabethan church was housed the club and warehouse. Restoration was completed recently.

16. Nikolsky gates of the Kremlin.

17. Rose Dmitrov. We could not understand the author's idea for what reason this construction has been established.

18. Cathedral of the Assumption.




22. The main entrance to the school.

23. The road to the temple.

25. On Kropotkin Street, adjacent to the Kremlin, various sculptures were built. Pilgrim.

26. Nobles.

27. A merchant with a merchant's wife.

28. Monument (2004) to a revolutionary anarchist Peter Kropotkin (1842 - 1921). The last three years of his life he spent in Dmitrov. In September 2014 in the city his personal museum was founded. The metro station in Moscow, "Kropotkinskaya" was named in his honor.

29. Museum and Exhibition Complex (2004) in Zagorskaya street is a part of the Museum "Dmitrov Kremlin." In fact – this is museum of local lore.

30. The District Palace of Culture “Sozvezdie” ("Constellation"). For many years, this is the main theater and concert hall in Dmitrov. It hosts a variety of performances, exhibitions, celebrations, festivals and presentations.

31. In walking distance from the Kremlin there is Boris and Gleb Monastery, known from the second half of the XV century. Over 150 years before the Revolution, male Orthodox monastery of Saints Boris and Gleb was the only monastery of Dmitrov. In 1926 it was closed, and in 1932, it houses a control Dmitlaga OGPU (NKVD) - Department for the construction of the Gulag channel Moscow - Volga. It was a momentous event for the city. During the construction of the channel Dmitrov population grew by 3 times, was built many residential buildings, streets appeared with corresponding names, etc.

32. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the monastery was began to return to church life. In 2006, a monument to Boris and Gleb was opened.

33. Cathedral of Boris and Gleb middle of the XVI century, the chapel of the mid XVII. On the right chapel in pseudo-Russian style was built in the early 2000s.

34. Tourists rarely visit this place. Orthodox Trinity Church (1801), returned to believers in 1996.

35. In Dmitrov there are many Soviet panel high-rise buildings.

36. Model house.

37. We have been in Dmitrov many times - in all seasons. It’s better to visit this place, of course, in the summer. Several years ago the city was cleaner. Now, in day in November, there was a feeling that there is no need to clean the streets, because winter will come soon enough and garbage will be covered with snow.

38. The Orthodox Church of the Purification was built in 1814 to commemorate the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon.

39. On the reverse side. As you can see, many buildings of worship are in excellent condition.

Dmitrov – is quiet and compact town, which is certainly worth visiting. The reasons are many, starting from the attractions of the classical examples of Russian history, continuing various colorful events (e.g. A festival of Ballooning) to the sporting events. Communicating with different people, I think of Dmitry regularly and in a positive way. Despite some shortcomings, the city looks nicer, and most importantly, the city is much more interesting overwhelming number of other cities.

40. There are a lot of sport facilities in Dmitrov. Exactly the capital of Moscow region by the number of sports facilities for the number of inhabitants takes the first place. And in Russia is difficult to find a city where it would be so willing to play sports.

41. Ice just froze, but people have already rolled it, thought there were four ice rinks a hundred meters walk from here.

42. Hockey is very popular in the city. This is no accident. The legendary Soviet goalkeeper, the best hockey player of the XX century by the International Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak was born in the village of Orudevo of Dmitrov district. Now the city hosts regularly camp goalkeepers of his name.

43. In the city Youth Hockey League team HC "Dmitrov" plays.

44. On the northern outskirts of the city, there is a large range of sports and leisure facilities.

45. The House of children's creativity "Raduga" ("Rainbow"), opened in 2011. There are school sports, dance and the arts.

46. Park "Extreme", built in 2006. There is a climbing wall, a cable car and a trampoline.

47. There is also Square, named Alina Makarenko. For those who do not know: Alina Makarenko (born 1995) - is Olympic champion in 2012 in a rhythmic gymnastics group all-around, champion of the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010, world champion in 2011 and European champion in 2012. One of the most beautiful female athletes was born in Elista. She was awarded the title of Hero of Kalmykia in her city.

48. Dmitrov ice Arena. Here hosts major sports tournaments and concerts: Game Youth Hockey League, Women's Championship of Russia and hosts international tournaments 4 Nations women's and youth teams, once held Cup of Russia figure skating (the second tournament was held at the training arena nearby the center).

49. "Dmitrov – is the northern pearl of Moscow region, sports and recreation center, the city of glorious traditions and undertakings."

50. The hockey club "Dmitrov" already has many awards and victories.

51. Multiple champion of Russia among women - hockey player "Tornado". The club is considered the base for the Russian national team.

52. The big event for the sporting life in Dimitrov became the Olympic Torch Relay "Sochi-2014", held on October 10, 2013.

53. Center for hockey and figure skating Center and curling, opened in 2008.

54. About five years ago in Dmitrov for the development of figure skating the winner of the World Universiade in ice dancing Elena Garanina was invited. Gradually dancing is developing in the city. 55. The controversial decision was to build Hockey Centre next to two ice rinks, opened in March 2014.

56. Here, play hockey.

57. Skating. Dmitrov – is a city of sports! I am sure that there will be a lot of reasons to visit this city.

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