Zherdevo village is located about 55 km from Tula and 5 km from Krapivna. Either I selected bad route, or I just should not go there in the February thaw by car, but the last kilometer I had to walk.

Zherdevo village is located about 55 km from Tula and 5 km from Krapivna.

Near the church itself some man came to me and said that I go on private land, although, neither a fence nor any other hints were not.

Stone Church of the Transfiguration was built in 1764 at the expense of the landlord Matveev. Initially, there was no bell tower here, it was built just 30 years later, but it has not survived up to now.

Like most churches, it was closed after the revolution, and since then it stands neglected:

The top is decorated with an interesting cross; it's amazing how such beauty saved to the present day:

Inside we met someone brought icon on a homemade pedestal:

Two chapels were built in the temple: Smolensk and St. George, now all irretrievably destroyed.

Here and there were traces of internal decoration of the temple:

Someone carefully folded pieces on the stone:

Exactly in the center of the roof there is a hole, which caused quite a noticeable hole in the center of the room, washed up for years of rains:

The Church of the Transfiguration in Zherdevo is - another temple, which irreversibly destroyed under the weight of time, although its condition is quite suitable for restoration, but who needs it...


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