One day I went sightseeing Leningrad region and neighborhood. Found six cultural heritage objects, and one of them is the fortress Koporie.

One day I went sightseeing Leningrad region and neighborhood. Found six cultural heritage objects, and one of them is the fortress Koporie.

The stream – Koporka River

Romantic heart:

Entrance to the fortress:

Bridge-viaduct leading to the gate:

The high walls of the fortress:

The most probably destroyed and the highest tower relative to the ground:

On the walls, of course, you cannot walk, but if you carefully hold the ancient stone - you can, but only cautiously.

A look at the towers and walls inside the fortress:

And now we have come back to the bus

Church of St. Nicholas

Manor of Albrecht:

Go to the manor:

And this - the manor from the rear:

And from the inside:

Behind the manor is a monument / mass grave I honor defenders of the country during the Great Patriotic War:


And this is - preserved perverse lodge:

The crypt on the background of a local resident:

The remains of the fortress Yam in a Kingissepp!

Below the terrace on which once there was the fortress, Luga River is running.

Just on the ruins, the local museum is located, that was once a school.

Next to it, there is a monument to the partisans of the Great Patriotic War.

Church and part of the rampart ruined fortress:

In the courtyard of the church are the old bells:

And yet, on the other side – there are the ancient crosses of stone:

Off topic: What government does Russia have?

The walls of the fortress:

In the distance, behind a tree - no holes, and the former barracks, which ever is the restaurant:

Behind the flag is - Estonia:

Narva Castle - Estonia:

Foreign shores:

And yet - the ancient temples on the inside of the fortress:

And finally - a gun. Exactly the same standing before the fortress, now in Narva Castle opposite:

Waterfalls - which did not work:

Barely noticeable trickle:

Layers of rock - from the stone fortress of Ingermanlandia were built:

The former canteen:

So, after Parusinka we went to Holy Trinity Church - family tomb of the Stieglitz family, built on the edge of the estate of Baron Stieglitz for more than two thousand employees operating once Parusinka plants. However, the final production was closed only in 2008, after the economic crisis.

The estate itself has not been preserved - built in the nineteenth century, made of wood, but with elements of Gothic.

Desert, almost monochrome surface merges into one - water, sky and ground, the silence and the wind –all this makes me feel... So what? As for me – it’s meaningless to divide one planet with imaginary lines on different areas. But that's another story.


Church shop – in it, among other things, you can buy a book entirely dedicated to the Holy Trinity Church. $15.

Last lodge on Russian land:

Border post. Of course - on the border:

Bridge over the reservoir:

This bank – is Estonia already...

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