Fergana city was founded in 1876 and until 1907 and its name was New Margilan. From 1904 to 1927 it was called Skobelev, in honor of the Russian General M. Skobelev, the conqueror of the Khanate of Kokand and the first head of Fergana Region. Later, Skobelev had become the hero of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877 – 1878 as well. For a long time Fergana city remained as the city of officials and the military. After the Soviet power came, an industry began developing that significantly weakened after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Currently, the city is the administrative center of Ferghana region, its population of 350 thousand people (in the area of 3,350,000 inhabitants).

Fergana city was founded in 1876 and until 1907 and its name was New Margilan.

Trip from Andijan to Fergana takes about an hour away by car. On the way I thought about how difficult it was for me to change money in the bank. One of the passengers commented my words:

- Yes, we have problems with the export of the country's currency, and just with its purchase of the bank. But this has its advantages. Our officials are more difficult to export capital from the Uzbek. And the turnover of money in the country is clearer...

I was landed from the bus near the entrance to the city. I took the bike and rolled note that the street was very wide and shady.

I almost immediately decided to buy Uzbek bread.

I had the address of local hotel and the approximate direction. In all the previous cities of the Ferghana Valley it was very comfortable to ride a bike. But Fergana surpassed them all. Many streets were wide with low traffic flow. I rode slowly and enjoy the wonderful weather of September.

Officers House is located in the building of the Military Assembly.

It looks like a music school.

The hotel did not accept me. They did not have the right to settle foreigners. But the reception suggested a couple of options where I could try my luck. I had to go on.

This is the Department of Geography of the University.

Within an hour, as I was in the room with the included air conditioning. This device has been very helpful, because outdoor temperature in the entire territory of Uzbekistan exceeded 30 degrees. Then I went sightseeing Fergana. The hotel (do not remember the name) was in the town center, which was built with new buildings.

National Bank building.

Of course, the channel runs through the city.

Fergana is a low and spacious city. This alley has been recently built.

Fergana map

It’s a small park for the children next to the cafe. Figures of fairy tale characters were made interesting.

Near there is the same channel.


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