The beginning of spring, and I continue the story of the fall trip to the Volga and the Urals, and today is the first part of the report from the city of Orsk.

he beginning of spring, and I continue the story of the fall trip to the Volga and the Urals, and today is the first part of the report from the city of Orsk.

At the entrance to the new city we were met by a stele dedicated to the success of the employment population of Orsk.

Here there is a war memorial monument to the "Afghans".

And tanks, of course.

I walk down Prospect Mira, which separates the area from residential construction industry.

Hotel "Ural".


Monument to the worker.

The bridge over the Elshanka River. This is the center of the New City.

There is already dominated by Stalin architecture.

The memorial complex to the Great Patriotic War.

The busts of the Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Stalin buildings at the corner of Stanislavsky Street and Mira Avenue - we can say, "the gates" of the city center.

I walked through the Stanislavsky Street through such two-storey buildings.

Orsk map

And in this Stalin building in the corner Moscow and Lenin Avenue – there is museum of local lore. After seeing the exhibition, I’m going on.

The weather at times is getting worse.

This is school number 2 and a statue of Lenin that were going to demolish due to a technical condition.

I do not know, maybe it has been already demolished, but maybe not.

Here I have a little snack.


Palace of Culture.

Architecture of Lenin Avenue.


"Brezhnev" administration building

Drama Theatre opened after reconstruction in just a month before my arrival. And a statue of Lenin.

We turn again to Mira Avenue.

This is the oldest part of the city. Experience of mass construction of 30s - buildings built by architects School "Bauhaus". They worked in the Soviet Union in Orsk and Birobidzhan.

In the next district.

Back on Lenin Avenue. The former Palace of Culture of Mechanical Engineers, now it is a shopping center.

In front of it is - a monument to Shevchenko.

View back to the avenue. Buildings in this place are Khrushchev architecture.

Behind the palace of culture – is the park, of course, of Mechanical Engineers.

The state is quite running.

The park is surrounded by Mashinostroiteley Street.

Kramatorskaya Street is - one of the main thoroughfares.

Sometimes I came across the nine-storey buildings.

Monument to victims of radiation accidents.

Temple of St. George (2008-2010). I think the dome somehow disproportionately extended...

Vasnetsov Square is - one of the central cultural, commercial and fast-food places in the city.

Cinema "Orsk".

And we are again at the entrance to the New City.

We pass over the tracks.

There is a bus station.

This is the Palace of Pioneers.

Another area of 2-3-storey post-war development.

The IL-28 is - a monument to "The Aviator all generations." Here I finish walking the Orsk, sit in the bus and go to the station, where I still had to spend a few hours waiting for the train to Chelyabinsk. Good luck.

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