The Nizhny Novgorod region - it is the whole of Russia in miniature, and if the north of the mouth of the Oka, you are in get somewhere near Tver, the fifty kilometers to the south you find yourself closer to Samara and Voronezh:

Grigorovo and Veldemanovo are located about five kilometers away from each other in a straight line, and in 15 kilometers - on asphalt roads, but they refer to different areas – Perevozsk region and Bolshemurashkinsk region respectively. We first went toward to Veldemanovo and Perevozsky District remembered with pretty forged columns at the curb, and obviously made in the same workshop:

On the right hand there was the Transportation - well maintained, but a nondescript town (8.9 thousand of dwellers).

We went to Veldemanovo a long time enough on a country road. Veldemanovo was founded as the village with an ever-growing population:

Closer to the center there were even a few stone peasant's houses, similar to the "townspeople houses" Russia of pre-Peter the Great:

There are a lot of such windowless peasant's houses without doors - now it is shedding, and initially, I suspect they could be black baths:

Grandma goes out of the store, and in one of the neighboring houses the old rock sounded...

We went to the heart of the village - Kazan Church (1867):

Inside and outside it is under construction now. I went into a huge white room, where it has no paintings, no full iconostasis, and met the caretaker. I told who we are and why we had come, and the caretaker immediately perked up: "There is a museum of Nikon in our village! Want to visit?

Behind the church is perhaps the Orthodox parish temple:

Opposite the entrance to the temple is - a modest military obelisk, possibly erected by the villagers immediately after the war:

Grey silicate House of Culture was almost literally at the other end of the village, I would have walked on foot, probably about 15 minutes:

Near the House of Culture is - another military monument of 1970:

Soon the employee and the museum came to us - two women, as I understand, mother and daughter, but I forgot their names once again. The four of us went to the uncomfortable foyer of the House of Culture:

We climbed to the second floor:

The museum occupies just a couple of rooms. The first hall is - about local neighborhood as a whole - village life, folk costumes, relics of churches destroyed and other:

Second floor is - about the patriarch himself, with portraits and photographs of places of his biography. And in both rooms – there are a lot of just things, which did not connect with him, just caught in Veldemanove and donated to the museum. The most mysterious thing is the metal ball from the church, which was destroyed 80 years ago, caught in someone's house, and finally presented to the museum from there. Next there was an accompanying note from the former owner.

And finally, together with them, we went beyond a ravine on the Red Hill, now deserted settlement, where Nikita Minow was born. There is now a small monument:

Next there are a couple of abandoned stone peasant’s houses - Krasnaya Gorka completely empty:

Below there is a spring of holy water, just beyond the ravine stands the Kazan church:

From there we went back to the House of Culture then landed women and drove out of the village.

Next we went to Grigorovo, located in a different and a poor neighborhood. And the view from Grigorov was quite different - stern and gloomy:

But here, there is the Church of Kazan (1770) too with a separate bell tower of the early twentieth century:

Around the village there is the same neighborhood:

Right next to the church there is the local House of Culture, store, authorities and even Lenin, all capitals, but closed. Once Grigorovo was obviously larger and richer than Veldemanovo, but times have changed:

It is interesting that Grigorovo is built much denser than Veldemanovo:

Near the same peasant’houses there is probably the only monument to Habakkuk in Russia, erected in 1991 by popular in those years sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov. Pay attention to the barn with a pyramidal roof - there are many in Veldemanovo, and especially here:

There is also an unusual monument of the Great Patriotic War near the church:

And behind the church is - the source in a wooden chapel and a river with the remains of the bridge:

Local wooden and stone peasant’s houses... But there is no museum in Habakkuk:

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