Travel in the Murmansk region - Teriberka.

1. First, I need to explain why someone calls village as Teriberka, and someone as Lodeinoe.

How, what and why this map fragment will help us to understand. Teriberka itself was founded first, and already in 1930 settlement Lodeinoe appeared, which was later attached to the Teriberka. But the locals still call the left side of Teriberka as Lodeinoe and local school, for example, is called - Lodeynoe secondary school.

2. Let's get started with the "old Teriberka."

Most of the pictures in this post were made by phone.

First, I need to explain why someone calls village as Teriberka, and someone as Lodeinoe.

3. If someone does not believe that in Teriberka everything is bad now, then you need to visit it yourself and see everything on your own. There is no need to go far; there are a lot of the houses like this.

4. On the shore are the remains of the local fleet.


6. Ahead of you - Teriberska school. Now it is abandoned. Children from the village are carried in school in Lodeinoe.


8. While walking, I never met people.

9. Realizing that the local scenery is disappointing here, went to Lodeinoe.

The road in this part of the village passed through a gorge like this.

10. Welcome to Lodeinoe!

11. Most of the more or less normal houses stand a little deeper into the village, and at the beginning of the village are the empty eye sockets of windows that just cry to you: "Run away!"

12. People no longer live here.

13. In some angles Teriberka is not bad.

14. But this is misleading.

15. How long I have not seen a motorcycle with a sidecar!

16. Many cars go here without numbers. Why be afraid?

17. This is one of the main buildings of the village. There are a Sberbank, post and a library.

Condition of the building, you can judge for yourself.

18. But once there was, and I quote Wikipedia: "two fishing collective farm, two dairy farms, poultry farms, about 2,000 heads of deer, farm breeding American mink, two fishery, workshops and warehouses, ship-repair workshops work and develop at full capacity, there was active construction of housing and community facilities, there was a stadium, House of Culture, clubs and fishery ship-repair workshops, pioneer club, two schools - elementary and eight-year, boarding school for children from the village, hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinic, printing house ".

Now it is very difficult to believe.

19. Nothing lasts forever.

20. Good bye Teribas! To be honest, visiting the area left me a very ambiguous impression: what is the beautiful nature here and what is terrible devastation!

Though in this darkness there is a glimmer of light: for example, the school has recently been restored and is a pretty nice building, there are some plans to extract natural gas here which, however, is likely to remain only plans. But in general... What am I saying, you have seen yourself.

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