It is rich in history, a provincial town in the southwest of Belarus. Of all time (the first mention in 1019) it belonged to various principalities. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to explore the city better. However, this time was enough to imagine about how the western outpost of Belarus lives.

In general, there was an impression that the whole Belarus is a smooth transition from Russian disorder to European austerity.

And it manifests itself in many cases, ranging from traffic and asphalt pavement to smile staff in stores. And all would be nothing if I would not meet a taxi driver who personally shocked me. Talk about him later, but for now ahead for a walk.

Brest is - the perfect place for travelers by car traveling to Europe. The proximity of the border, the presence of attractions, tourism infrastructure makes the city very attractive for short stops. When we only went there settled for the night, but when we went back, spend the whole day. The first thing that strikes the city is perfectly clean, I would say even licked. I have a hunch that in such a state, it was brought before the World Hockey Championship - 2014 which was held in Minsk. That is so true "front gate" authorities cleaned to a high gloss. I would be glad if I'm wrong, but there's always so clean there.

Since I'm madly in love with nature, I always pay attention to "green" in cities. In Brest, it is so nice, that sometimes it seems you're not in the city at all.

Avenues, streets, squares, are all in trees, shrubs, lawns in. It's great! I just remember Kiev in May.

It’s an interesting idea, to portray the main theses of works in the form of sculptures.

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