Pokrov city is located in the Vladimir region, 100 kilometers far from Moscow (8 km from the border with the Moscow region). The city is famous for its cakes, also in the city well-known brands of chocolate are produced; there are jewelry factory and brewery. I visit this town at least once a year, mostly come here for cakes.

Pokrov city is located in the Vladimir region, 100 kilometers far from Moscow (8 km from the border with the Moscow region)

A monument to chocolate (Chocolate Fairy). This monument came here in 2009.

The Former Trinity Cathedral was built in 1831-36, respectively.

In the square near the cathedral there is a monument to Lenin, in Sudogda there is exactly the same monument but in much better condition.

The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin was built in 1750.

And a few views of the city.

Engineering marvels

A fragment of the gate of the brewery

The first mention of the settlement on the site of today's Intercession refers to 1506. According to Peter Stroev, a member of Academy of Sciences, here "Intercession Monastery Antonia desert" was located, the abbot of which since 1506 to 1516 years was the abbot Elissey. The wooden church of the Holy Virgin served as a middle of the desert.

Until the Time of Troubles desert lived a quiet life, the settlement grew - only abbots replaced. With the onset of the Troubles originally nothing has changed – local people did not involve in the unrest of peasants in the Argunovskaya Parish in 1601-1608 against the Trinity-Sergius Monastery and successfully fought against the pubs near the Intercession Church, violated the decorum and order.

Residents quickly rebuilt the Church, but it was a stone church. Shortly after the decree of Peter the Great in 1701, the monastery was abolished, the Intercession Church became a parish and Pokrovsky village was as a separate municipal unit. The monastery was closed, apparently, in 1711.

By 1837 a fifth part of the population of the city was of merchants (bof 1756). There were 27 shops, 3 hotels. All travelers stayed here on their way from Moscow to the eastern province and back.

In 1861, the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod railroad was extended to Pokrov. The station was arranged not in the city, but four miles to the south of it - in Perepechino, but it was called the "Pokrov".

By 1897, in the city 7 factories were built, the sixth part of the urban income is spent on education. After the 1908 fire station was opened

In 1921, the city has ceased to be the county town – because of Pokrovsky County was disbanded - and became one of the settlements of Kirzhachsky County.


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