Historical and Cultural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin is the main attraction of Kazan. In 2000, it was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The first fortifications were built on the highest hill on the left bank of the Kazanka River at the turn of the X-XI centuries. The stone Kremlin has been erected in the middle of the XVI century on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, as during the storming of Kazan in 1551 almost all of the walls and towers were destroyed. Kazan Kremlin was constructed by the best Russian masters of the time.

Before the capture of Kazan, behind the walls Kremlin walls there were rich Khan's palace and many beautiful mosques. There were legends about the beauty of the Kul Sharif mosque. Built up to the 1000 anniversary of the city, and today the mosque is the most beautiful building of the city.

Kazan Kremlin

Today’s Kremlin is the seat of the President of Tatarstan. There is a museum-reserve "Kazan Kremlin," on the territory of which there is the one of the symbols of Kazan - the leaning tower of Suyumbike, as well as the governor's house, the Annunciation Cathedral, the main mosque in Kazan - the Kul-Sharif, the former military school, where there are now museums.

The uniqueness of the Kazan Kremlin is that its buildings in densely interwoven Tatar and Russian architectural styles – there are no longer anywhere such a synthesis of Muslim and Orthodox culture in Russia. Not only that, to date, this is the most northern point of the spread of Islamic culture in the world and the most southern point of the spread of monuments built in Russia in Pskov-Novgorod style.

Within the walls of the Kazan Kremlin is built from different periods. Here are preserved: fort (X-XVI century), and later stone-brick citadel (XVI-XVIII centuries), as well as architectural structures XVI-XIX centuries.

suyumbike tower

Most tourists usually are interested in the legendary Suyumbike tower. By the way, now it is no longer falling - the foundation of the tower was strengthened in the 90 years. The Suyumbike tower is located in the northern part of the Kremlin, in the governor's palace complex. The palace itself, which is now the residence of the President of the Republic, was designed by the famous architect Tone instead the destroyed the Khan Palace. Today we can see only preserved ruins of the buildings of the palace, the former once one of the most beautiful buildings in Kazan.

The oldest surviving building of the city is Annunciation Cathedral, built by Pskov masters in 1561-1562. During its five-hundred stories, the cathedral was reconstructed several times, but, nevertheless, survived to the present day.

kul-sharif mosque

The Kul Sharif mosque was built for the 1000 anniversary of Kazan to hold the idea of the Commonwealth the two faiths - Christianity and Islam. This building of the incredible beauty impresses with its architectural forms. For example, the dome of the mosque, on the idea of architects, should be associated with the legendary Kazan cap, which, after the fall of Kazan Ivan the Terrible took in Moscow and is now kept in the Armory. In the lancet arches and slender minarets is traced the symbolic image of a tulip – ancient Bulgar sign of revival and prosperity. The interior of the mosque is not less beautiful than the exterior. Next to the Kul Sharif is a memorial stone dedicated tab of the mosque in 1996.

Defensive structures that impregnable citadel was proud in ancient time, now are the walls and 8-preserved towers. In the XVII century, there were 13, five of which were at the same time the gate to the Kremlin - now there are only two ones. This is the Spasskaya tower and the Tainitskaya tower.

kazan remlin taynickaya tower

Also the Kazan Kremlin includes the complex of official places, the former military school, the Arena and several other buildings.

Inside the Kremlin there are several museums: the Museum State of the Tatar people and the Republic of Tatarstan, the center of the "Hermitage-Kazan", the Islamic Art Museum and the Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan.

Kazan legends about Suyumbike

The most mysterious place in the whole Kazan Kremlin is the legendary "falling" Suyumbike tower. According to one version, the tower was built by Ivan the Terrible after the capture of Kazan in 1552. The czar, they say, has desired to marry the beautiful queen Suyumbike, she agreed, but only provided that he will build the tallest tower for 7 days. This was done - the builders erected tier per a day, and exactly one week later, everything was ready. Before the wedding feast, the queen asked for the future spouse that she will climb the tower to say goodbye to her native city. Russian tsar allowed, and Suyumbike, once on the seventh tier, said farewell to Kazan and ... jumped down, not wanting to leave the enemy’s land. Since then, the tower was named in honor of the Tatar Queen.


According to another legend, the tower was built by the queen Suyumbike herself grieving for her husband Safa Giray Khan, who died in 1549 under mysterious circumstances.

Many have noted the similarity of the tower of the Kazan station in Moscow with a tower Suyumbike. It is likely that this similarity architect Shchusev Kazan wanted to emphasize the direction of the railway.

Duration of the excursion is on average about 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you want to visit all the museums, Kul Sharif, Annunciation cathedral and other Kremlin buildings, then multiply that time by 5. In general, the Kazan Kremlin is rich in interesting places, so it's best to stretch the examination of the Kremlin for several visits.

Kazan on the map

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