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Suzdal is still really an amazing town. It somehow manages to maintain the atmosphere, from which those who come here and say "as if you were in the century before last."

1. Suzdal is located on a small Kamenka river. Although, it is now a small one, but once it was navigable and even entered the trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks."
View from Kremlin ramparts to Ilinsky meadow and Ilyinsky church of the 18th century. They say that it stands on Ivan's Hill, where in pagan times there was the temple of Ivan Kupala.

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2. If you look from the same shafts in the other direction, you will see a view of the Risopolozhensky Monastery, founded 800 years ago.

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3. Of course, I gladly went down from the shafts to Kamenka river.

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4. In the distance you can see the Resurrection Church of the 18th century on the Market Square. Nearer the Church of Jerusalem and Pyatnitskaya. In the Pyatnitskaya Church, during the Festival of Patchwork Sewing, one of the exhibitions was located, we will see it again.

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5. This is the main temple of the city - Bogoroditsa-Nativity Cathedral of the Suzdal Kremlin. Since the 13th century, when it was built, it came with great distortions and changes in appearance.
Even from my first visits to Suzdal, I like its main dome, which looks like an inverted turnip with a root).

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6. Belfry at the Cathedral.

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7. The gardens are some hundreds of meters from the Kremlin and the main cathedral. That's how you harvest, and in a step for many hundreds of years bells ring and in general there were some events of the history of Russia.

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8. Kremlin ramparts of the 12th century. Well-groomed, neat, beautiful lights. Walk along such a path is uncomfortable, it's not for nothing that a new folk path is trampled along the roadside.

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9. On the trees, as hundreds of years ago, flowers grow, grasshoppers chirp and fly insects. Beauty! I do not want to leave.
St. Nicholas Church of the 18th century is embodied in the movie "The Wedding of Balzaminov" - the lady was baptized into it.

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10. Tsarekonstantinovskaya church with interesting kokoshniks over the windows.

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11. The belfry of the Skorbyaschenskaya church is similar to Nikolskaya one. And in general such a temple architecture is typical for Suzdal.

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12. And the bell tower again with the Suzdal tent. Antipievskaya church.

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13. What strikes the eye in Suzdal is the lack of high-rise buildings. Until now, the highest building in the city is the bell tower of the Robe Deposition Monastery, built in the beginning of the 19th century in honor of the victory over Napoleon.

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14. This monastery still has interesting two-sash Holy Gate, built in the 17th century.

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15. Flowers bloom profusely.

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16. Rizpospolsky Cathedral of the monastery is not unusual in architecture for Suzdal erected in the 16th century.

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17. Monument to Dmitry Mikhailovich Pozharsky and the 22-meter tower of the Spaso-Evfimievsky Monastery.

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18. The monastery is quite famous even outside of Suzdal.

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19. The shopping area and the Resurrection Church of the 18th century is a city center.

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20. Kamenka and Pokrovsky Women's Monastery of the 14th century, which formerly exiled the disgraced queens and women of famous Russian families. One of the first prisoners of the monastery was the wife of Basil III, Solomoniya Saburov, accused of infertility, who was tonsured here in a nun. Also here were languishing wife of Ivan IV Anna Vasilchikova and widow of Vasily Shuisky Queen Maria Buinosova-Rostovskaya.

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21. Next, I walked up the river to a view of the Spaso-Evfimievsky Monastery.

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22. Here I saw Suzdal , which I had never seen before. You can not even say that you are in the city.

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23. The charm in one of the yards.

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24. Zhdun - Sculpture "Homunculus Loxodontus". Suzdal type.

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25. Shrek resting.

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26. Retro сars.

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27. Wow!

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28. Evening view of the Kremlin.

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29. Suzdal is located in Vladimir Opole - a special area, which by nature differs from surrounding forests. Fields here can stretch for several kilometers. Soils are quite fertile, the people called them "Vladimirsky Chernozem" (a black-coloured soil). If you visit these places, turn off the road to the field with spikelets. The mood will definitely rise)

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