Another attraction, traditionally belonging to the museum complex of the Kulikovo Field, is the settlement of Epifan.

In fact, the village does not have a special relation to Kulikov (its history begins in the 16th century) from the border fortress of Russia, but it is located side by side, so it is included in the excursion routes. We went there too.

One of the two main attractions of the village is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker:

epifan 1

The cathedral itself was built in the 1810s-1850s and is an excellent example of a classical style:

epifan 2

epifan 3

epifan 4

epifan 5

epifan 6

epifan 7

Friezes adorned the cathedral are in a very sad state. This probably shows the entrance to Jerusalem:

epifan 8

And this relief (judging by the keys and the rooster) is dedicated to the apostle Peter:

epifan 9

epifan 10

epifan 11

The belfry of the church is noticeably older and belongs to the first half of the 18th century.

However, I first took it for the already built in the late XIX - early XX century, since after the "restoration", it looked much fresher than the temple itself.

epifan 12

However, this is absolutely not surprising, because (according to the guide from the neighboring Museum of Merchant Life), the funds for restoration were mostly stolen, so migrant workers worked instead of the restorers.

epifan 13

epifan 14

epifan 15

Nearby is the second attraction Epiphany - Museum of Merchant Life.

epifan 16

This is the former house and shop of merchant Baibakov:

epifan 17

epifan 18

epifan 19

epifan 20


epifan 21

epifan 22

epifan 23

epifan 24

epifan 25

epifan 26

epifan 27


epifan 28

epifan 29

Basement in the shop:

epifan 39

epifan 40

epifan 41

epifan 42

epifan 43

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