In Kazan, the opening of the XXVII World Summer Universiade took place that promises to be one of the biggest one in modern history.

Say what you like, but Russia is a generous soul: Russian likes to do everything on a large scale and in a big way, and the Universiade in Kazan has proved the same. The scale of the action is comparable to the Olympic Games. However, the organizers call it so, or nearly so - the dress rehearsal. Here, there is the first national team staff, which includes 25 Olympic champions, 105 distinguished masters, 313 masters of sports of international class, and almost the Olympic flame, which was delivered by 54 torchbearers, and ambitious slogan: "You are the world." It seems, indeed Kazan is going to become a world center in the coming weeks. 13,000 accredited participants and broadcast talk about it, which will be translated in 105 countries around the world.

The opening ceremony of the Universiade 2013

The Russian team came in Kazan solely for the victory - it is this task was given to the federations. It becomes a large sporting event in the country's history from the time of the Olympics-80. As for the Soviet Union and Russia, the Universiade has always been an important event, which at the time was attended by such famous athletes as Larisa Latynina, Valery Brumel, Valery Skvortsov, and Tamara Press. At this moment, XXVII World Summer Universiade breaking records on the number, as entertainment and beauty as well.

The ceremony began with a colorful procession, representing all the peoples of our vast country, and the presentation of the Kazan city. Kazan has traditionally been considered a university town that has 82 colleges. Do not forget that in the next five years, Kazan will also take the world championship in water sports and the football world championship. This is the future, but in the evening at the "Kazan-Arena", which was attended by 45,000 people, a fascinating theatrical act unfolded, divided into several parts, allows a closer look at this hospitable city.

The globe in the center of the arena was replaced by the symbol university games - Latin letter U, which embodies the five continents, whose representatives in the next few days will be the protagonists of the event. The next moment a small boat appeared, sliding on the surface of the water under the Russian tricolor, which says that traditional raising the flag with the performance of the national anthem will begin, which include in every opening of the sporting events. After that, the show continued with a series of historical novels.

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The first novel was devoted to the base of Kazan associated with winged dragon Ziland that lived in the area and is the ancient symbol of the coat of arms of Kazan. A short story about the dragon continued the story of the "Golden Age" of the Volga Bulgars. And where a couple of minutes hovering fairy dragon, a real town masters appeared and leads the astonished spectator to the next chapter - one of the legends about the origin of the name of the city. According to this legend, the city was to be based, where no fire a pot buried in the ground will boil that is the Kazan. And now, in the center of the arena, surrounded by water, a boiling vat appeared which is then replaced by a symbolic record of the genus, the leading story through dance and costume. The representation was capped by a poem about the native language and the song of Queen Suyumbike "White Bird" performed by a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Aida Garifullina, less than a year ago, speaking at the opening of the Russian House of the XXX Summer Olympic Games in London.

Kazan universiade 2013 - The opening ceremony

And this is only the introductory part, which continues the parade of athletes participating. In the coming days they will compete for 351 sets of medals in 27 sports. This is a record number. There are 13 mandatory sports: athletics, basketball, fencing, football, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, swimming, diving, water polo, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. And 14 additional sports: boxing, shooting, synchronized swimming, rowing, kayaking and canoeing, unarmed self-defence, wrestling, belt wrestling, chess, rugby-7, field hockey, badminton, beach volleyball. In addition, five sports were included in Universiade in the first. These are belt wrestling, rugby-7, unarmed self-defence, synchronized swimming and boxing.

During the presentation of sports delegations, the most representative among them were China and, of course, Russia, parting words were recited by well-known cultural and sports Sergey Tetyukhin, Nikolai Fomenko Uliana Lopatkina, Vladislav Tretiak, Tatiana Tarasova, Timur Bekmambetov, Valery Gergiev Alina Kabaeva, Keira Knightley, Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir Pozner, Alexander Popov, Denis Matsiev, Evgenia Kanaeva, Vyacheslav Fetisov trying to win a body, do not forget about the victories of the spirit, as they are the key to future accomplishments.

And then, finally, the main show "Reflection" escapist to the origins of the creation of the world, which the audience of "Kazan-Arena" had the opportunity to see in 3D-format. The mythological story featuring dancers and circus gymnasts are allowed to plunge into the atmosphere of favorite tales of Pushkin and Ershov.

The next chapter was the science. Primitive man starts the pendulum of scientific and technological progress, which carries him through the centuries. And after that Leonardo DA Vinci appeared and all around - the most famous inventions of the human mind - from light bulbs to Cherepanov’s locomotives. Then, call the theater opens up a page with historical imperial balls. After the waltz, the phantasmagoric images of the most tragic moments of Russian history of the beginning of XX century came. Another change of plan - a waltz again, a few minutes of quiet like a few years of fragile peace - and a requiem for those who did not return from World War II. It is the most dramatic moment of the performance.

And then is the future, space and the first conqueror, Yuri Gagarin and modern astronauts from the International Space Station, transmitting a message to an audience of Kazan-Arena. Thus, the attention at the Universiade will be focused not only on Earth, but also outside it. And, although the tasks of athletes are the most ambitious but they should not forget that the Universiade - is first of all a big sporting event. So let’s have fun while we're young!

Together with the anthem, the official part of the opening ceremony begins. Aliya Mustafina took the oath on behalf of all the athletes, and Eugene Horticultural - on behalf of all the judges. Then, with a brief but emotional address the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke to the audience: "Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends! On behalf of the hospitable Russia I welcome you to the World Summer Universiade in Kazan. Kazan is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities of our vast multi-ethnic country. Today strong and successful sportsmen are gathered here.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and FISU President Claude-Louis Gallien

Dear friends, you are representing different countries and continents. In these days of July the Summer Universiade has joined you, the scale of which can be compared with the Olympic Games. We have done our best that the participants of this sports festival feel ourselves as at home and will be able to achieve outstanding results, withstand the heat of competition and struggle. The spirit of the Universiade will always be with each of you. In these solemn moments your hearts beat as one. You are together, shoulder to shoulder. I wish you overcome yourself, make new records, and let a second struggle and triumph will be vivid and memorable, and let them stay with you for the rest of your life. Good luck! "

According to the original scenario, the president's address was to be held at the beginning of the ceremony, before the parade of the athletes, but it happened in the end. Then, the President of FISU Claude-Louis Gallien delivered a reply, who noted that for all the sports community is a great honor to be present at the moment here in Kazan. “Kazan is the owner of the XXVII World Summer Universiade - takes on its land, without exaggeration, the most a big sporting event this year, which brought together for the first time in the history of the largest number of athletes from five continents. Over 14,000 participants from 160 countries in the coming days will compete in 27 disciplines.

We wait two unforgettable weeks, filled with spectacular events and joy. But Universiade - is courage as well. And the courage of Kazan is that what contribution it has made to the harmonious development, the improvement of body and spirit, as it contributed to the growth of social consciousness of Russian youth. Universiade - is the power of will. And for six years, Kazan has proven that it lacks the political will and resources to make the most ambitious event. And, of course, the Universiade is a dream. But if we dream alone, dreams remain only dreams but we can realize them only together. Thousands of people dreamed about this Universiade. And, at this stadium our dreams come true..."

Fire XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in the stadium Kazan Kazan

After that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the official opening of the event, and fire appeared in the arena of the Universiade, which was brought by veteran of swimming the champion of the Universiade Yuri Funikov, who passed the torch to Catherine Gamow. Universiade flame was lit! Salute from all the guns! And see you on the sports field.

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