The stadium Kazan-Arena hosted the closing ceremony of the XXVII World Summer Universiade.

The closing ceremony of the XXVII World Summer Universiade was held in Kazan. It was no less grand than the opening ceremony. 45 thousand direct witnesses and millions of television viewers watch this historic event.


The final story was devoted to Russia - the mistress of the 2013 Universiade and the main characters of the past 12 days - athletes. Each episode of performance discovered various topics that are relevant to young people. If, during the opening ceremony, the field in the middle of the stadium was filled with water that for the closing ceremony the pool was drained and turned into a huge dance floor for three thousand volunteers of Universiade 2013.

Each viewer, as in the opening of the Universiade, was given a backpack with flashlights and a postcard. The organizers require to all the audience to write their wishes on cards and hand them over to the volunteers who carried the bags with the wishes on the stage. All the cards have been poured into the hollow of a huge tree that was erected in the field.

The show began with a video dedicated to Kazan and consisted of the most striking shots taken during the Universiade. After that, it was announced that the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) Claude-Louis Gallien are present at the ceremony. At the closing ceremony of the Universiade also First Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Organizing Committee of the 2013 Universiade, Igor Shuvalov, President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, State Councilor Mintimer Shaimiev, the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and other officials. After that Anthem of the Russian Federation sounded in the performance of a children's choir «New Kids».

Welcoming speech to the crowd was presented by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. "Good evening! Haerle kitsch! - He greeted the audience in Russian and Tatar. - Now is exciting moments, we say goodbye to 2013 Universiade. It's a huge honor for Russia - to hold it and especially in Kazan. I thank everyone who has given us this wonderful celebration of student sport! Thanks to athletes, coaches, volunteers, fans. Finally, thanks to Kazan!"

The show began with a music box, which "opened" with a symbolic key installed in the center of the field. Before the public Russian rock legend - Garik Sukachev appeared. During the performance on the airship two trapeze artists flew over the scene.

After that, there was the traditional parade of athletes. Volunteers carried 162 bright flags of different countries - participants of the Games. The flags of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea completed the process, where the next Summer Universiade in 2015 will be.

After the parade of athletes song «We Are Young» voiced (original version that belongs to the American group «Fun») - a kind of hymn to youth and student body, and freedom, which is very popular all over the world. It was performed by a young Russian pop singers Sergey Lazarev, Timur Rodriguez, Niusha and Elmira Kalimullina. At the end of the song the screens parted, and in the center a red pulsating heart appeared.

The concert was continued by Moldovan band «Zdob şi Zdub» with the song "We saw the night" by "Kino", which took on special significance and became the anthem of youth and happiness to be forever young.

After the video, in which athletes shouted in different languages "Together" and «U are the World», on the stage a group of "Serebro" appeared with the song «GUN». At the time of a song in the air two objects appeared (the two halves of the word «luv»), which moved towards each other. In the middle of the song they met. At this moment, by the idea of screenwriter all people in the stands and on the field had to kiss. But the people with the exception of loving couples didn’t rush into each other's arms.

«Luv» - is a «love», the word «love» modified in the style of popular Internet slang among young. In addition, letter U is a symbol of the Universiade and part of the slogan of the Universiade in Kazan «U are the World».

After the video with impressions Universiade volunteers and another salute a popular group "B-2" appeared with its hit "Bowie." In the center of the field during their numbers there was a shadow theater.

After that, the rap crew from Rostov-on-Don "Kasta" and the Russian singer of Ukrainian origin Elka performed. With their song "compose dreams" all audiences, including officials stood and joined hands, creating a lively chain. As planned by the organizers, it was to be a living illustration of the idea of the interconnectedness of all people on earth.

After the performance of the "Mummy Troll" and its permanent leader Ilya Lagutenko with a new song "Malek" on the big screens the birth of a new resident of Kazan - the boy showed. This episode was the most moving in the entire show as well.

During the performance of a group of «Guru Groove Foundation» with song «My Baby» the viewers were throwing around with paper airplanes, like children. Dmitry Medvedev did not stand aside and he threw a pair of airplanes in the air.

Next, Honored Artist of Tatarstan Dina Garipova sang «What if ...». Here, the audience got a surprise: Dina sang the song in the native Tatar language, because she was born in Tatarstan as well, near Kazan, in Zelenodol'sk. During the performance of the unofficial anthem of the Universiade - the song "Man, Live!" the flash mob of the spectators took place that performed a lively dance, repeating the movements of volunteers.

Followed by this the officials appeared on stage. Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin noted that the 12 days that Universiade Kazan lasted forever changed Kazan by becoming a triumph of the ideals of sport, harmony and beauty. President of the International University Sports Federation Claude-Louis Gallien after his speech announced student Games closed.

Then there was the ceremony of the transfer of the flag of the International University Sports Federation with the sounds of the famous hymn «Gaudeamus» to all students.

The representatives of the Organizing Committee of "Kazan 2013" - Ilsur Metshin, Claude-Louis Gallien and the first vice-president of FISU, the head of the Russian Student Sports Union Oleg Matytsin solemnly handed over banner FISU to South Korean counterparts.

After the transfer of the flag, the Mayor of the city of Gwangju and co-chair of the Organizing Committee of Gwangju in 2015, Mr. Kang Un-tae spoke, who expressed the hope that the next Universiade will be able to collect the combined team of South and North Korea.

Then the scene was given to guests from the Republic of Korea (South Korea) for the presentation of the Summer Universiade 2015 in Gwangju. Before an audience popular South Korean group «EXO» acted that has a real fan club in Kazan. Many of the fans came to the ceremony specifically for their idols.

Finally, the climax of the evening came - extinguishment of the fire of the Universiade, which is so beautifully lit in the stadium in the evening on July 6. The countdown10-1 has begun on the screen in silence by the sound of the heart. The fire went out. The spectators have lit orange lanterns - a part of the fire remained in every heart. Singer Zemfira has appeared on the stage, who sang the song "We split."

At the same time in the hollow of a symbolic Tree of desires in the center of the stage cards with wishes were put. Suddenly, the balloon was separated from it, painted in the colors of the flags of countries - participants of the Games, which took the basket with the cards to the sky.

Kazan Universiade 2013 is over, but the people did not break up for a long time, loudly chanting "Russia!" Many left the stadium with tears in their eyes.

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