To date, the Russian Federation has 1,109 settlements with city status. After reading the article about the big cities, I’ve find out what are the biggest cities in Russia, and I’ve decide to find out what are the best small city in Russia.

I reviewed probably hundreds of pages of the Russian-speaking Internet, making the sample, in terms of population. I'm not sure that the order of arrangement of these cities has not changed since the data range from 2010 to 2013.

  • Solvychegodsk city, Kotlassky area, Arkhangelsk region, population in 2011 was 2,460 people.
  • Kedrovy city, Tomsk region, population was 2,451 people in 2011.
  • Gorbatov city, Pavlovsky area, Nizhny Novgorod region, whose population in 2011 was 2,278 people.
  • Ples city, the Volga region of Ivanovo region, the population in 2012 was 2,248 people.
  • Donetsk city, Kuraginsky area of Krasnoyarsk region, a population in 2011 was 2,179 people.   Ostrovnoy city, Murmansk region, in 2011 was 2,171 people
  • Kurilsk city, Sakhalin region, with a population of 2,070 people in 2011.
  • Verhojansk city, Verkhoyansk region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in 2011, its population was 1,311 people.
  • Visotsk city, the Vyborg district, Leningrad region, the population in 2011, was 1,244 people
  • Tchekalin city, Suvorov district, Tula region, the population in 2010 was 994 people.

We will not argue about which is better to live in the village, small town, middle or metropolis, all have their pros and cons. I believe that to each his own, someone feels comfortable in the city and is dying of boredom in the village, someone is choking on smog in a medium-sized city and wants to move to the small town.

The most important thing in any locality, without any doubt, it is people. If people are in the majority, observe cleanliness, respect for others, have the kindness and show mutual support for each other, then this is the best place to stay.

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