Comfort and convenience

The fees for services of public transport in Stavropol are standing out for their low prices. The cost of travel by trolley is 11 rubles ($0.3), on the bus -12 rubles ($0.4), and in taxi – 14 rubles ($0.5).

Today, the town has a railway station, from where you can go to many Russian cities and towns. The authorities of the city by 2025 are planning to build another railway Stavropol-Nevinnomissk. Two federal highways are running through the city. This administrative center also has its international airport.

Stavropol russia

Cellular services in the city of Stavropol are offered by three operators - Beeline, MTS and MegaFon. There are also Internet service providers, namely - Gorod TV (City TV), Rostelecom, KKS, RadugaNet, StavNet, SWNet, Formula svyazi (Formula communications) and Zelenaya tochka (Green Dot).

Comfort and convenience

The main means of public transport to this southern city are the trolley and bus. In the future, the authorities are going to build the light rail line and funicular as well. In addition, the city now has quite a lot of taxis.

This administrative center has two bus stations. From one bus station a bus takes you to other regions, and the second one takes you to the other cities of the region. In addition, there is a train station in Belgorod. Among other things, there is an international airport with state of the art equipment.

Belgorod russia

Because of the absence of a large number of industrial factories, the city of Belgorod looks quite attractive in environmental terms. The main polluter of the environment is the cars and other public transportation.

Comfort and convenience in Sochi

Today the Public transport in the city of Sochi is relatively poorly developed. There are quite a bit buses. Most of the passengers are transported by the taxi, but the fleet of taxis is gradually becoming obsolete. A Winter Olympics may be a real salvation for the residents of the city, that should be held here in 2014. The fact is that due to the modernization of public transport will be made and should be solved the issue with traffic jams that occur almost daily in the city.

sochi russia

The city also has significant problems in the housing and communal sector. Sochi authorities are now trying to do everything in order to improve the situation in this area.

This city stands out for rather low tariffs for cellular services. You can become a subscriber Tele2, Megafon, MTS, Yota and Skylink.

Comfort and convenience in Nizhny Tagil

In this city, the prices of travel are the lowest in the Sverdlovsk region among other cities. You will have to pay 12 rubles ($ 0.41) per a trip on the tram. You will have to spend more for 2 rubles ($0.6) for a ride on a bus or taxi.

The intercity message is carried through by road routes and railway lines. They play an important role in the life of the city, as it is a major industrial center as well.

nizhny tagil russia

Environmental conditions in the city are not the best. The presence of a large number of large factories causes significant pollution both air mass and water resources. By the way, there are also some problems with water in the city and in the first place due to the fact that Nizhny Tagil does not have large rivers. The main artery of the city is the Tagil River that no longer meets the needs of the industrial center. And because of this, there are relatively expensive housing services.

The climate of the city has a temperate continental, but here the weather changes often, and quite dramatically. The average annual temperature here is +1,7 C°. The lowest temperature observed in January (average - 14,5 C° below zero), and the highest in July (average temperature is +17,8 C°).

Nizhny Novgorod is the center of Nizhny Novgorod region, 439 km east of Moscow. It is located at the confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers. The climate is temperate continental. Average January temperatures are -12 ° C, July 18 ° C. Precipitation is about 500 mm per year. A major transport hub consists of: 6 train rays (3 main). The city has a river port, airport and subway (1985). The population is 1440.6 thousand people (1992, 95.1 million in 1897, 222 thousand in 1926, 644 thousand in 1949, 941 thousand in 1959, 1,170 thousand in 1970, 1,344 thousand in 1979). It takes the 3rd position (after Moscow and St. Petersburg) in Russia in terms of population.

nizhny novgorod russia

The city of Nizhny Novgorod was founded in 1221 by Vladimir prince Yuri Vsyevolodovitch as a fortress (the name "Nizhny" ("Lower") and "Nov grad Nizovskaya land" (New city Lower land) appeared in the documents only in the XIV century as the center designation of the vast region lying downstream of the Volga and Oka rivers and their tributaries). Since 1350 it became the capital created in 1341 the Nizhny Novgorod and Suzdal principality. Due to its favorable geographical position Nizhny Novgorod gained importance as a major commercial and cultural center, in the Pechersk Monastery (founded in 1328-30) chronicles the recordings were kept, in 1377 monk Laurentius drew up the Prince's code for the Grand Duke Dmitry (so-called Laurentian Chronicle).

There is a legend about how the city of Yaroslavl appeared. Once upon a time on the high bank of the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl, a settlement the backwater district is located. Its inhabitants were pagans. They worshiped their idol - bear. The residents of the backwater district were fished, hunted, and cultivated the land.

This place was attracted by Rostov Prince Yaroslav, who was later nicknamed as the Wise. Together with his retinue, Prince Yaroslav was looking for a place where they could build a fortress. On the borders of the Rostov-Suzdal principality was restless, so the castle was needed in order to secure the approaches to Rostov the Great.


The geographical position of the backwater district was very convenient in military terms. High banks of the Volga River and the deep ravine formed the well protected Foreland.

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