Yaroslavl is the center of Yaroslavl region, 282 km northeast of Moscow. It is located on the Volga River (port). The climate is temperate continental. Average temperatures in January are 10,5 ° C, July 17,5 ° C. Precipitation is amount 500-600 mm per year. The city has the railway hub of Moscow, Vologda, Rybinsk, Kostroma, Kirov and highways, airport. Population is 636.9 thousand people (1992, 72 thousand in 1897, 116 thousand in 1926, 309 thousand in 1939, 407 thousand to 1959, 517 thousand in 1970, 597 thousand in 1979).


It was founded about in 1010 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise as a fortress on the site of the ancient settlement of the Backwater district, at the confluence of Korostel with the Volga Rivers. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1071. In the XI-XII centuries it was the border city of Rostov-Suzdal principality. Location of Yaroslavl in an important commercial waterway along the Volga River contributed to its prosperity in the XII - early XIII centuries. In 1218 it became the capital of the principality of Yaroslavl. In the middle of the XIII century the town was repeatedly ruined by Mongol-Tatars. Since 1463 Yaroslavl became a part of the Moscow principality. During the struggle against Polish intervention in 1612 in Yaroslav had a militia led by K. Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. In Yaroslav there was a government body set up all-Russian "The Council of the whole land." For active in rallying the Russian forces in the Time of Troubles Yaroslav got the right of free development and transport of stone and wood building.

If you ask any passer-by about that what the best city in Russia is, many would call Moscow and St. Petersburg without hesitation. The fact is that they are the largest ones and the salary is at the highest level in the country. However, that’s not all depend on these parameters. Various rating agencies annually publish more research on the topic of "The best cities of Russia."


According to one of the most interesting researches is the calculation of the level of happiness of the population. It is based on the summation of indicators such as inflation and unemployment in the city. According to the 2012, the lowest amount is in Tyumen. Therefore, to some extent, this city can be considered as "the happiest" one in the Russian Federation. The second place in the table of ranks was taken by Kazan, the third - Surgut, while the fourth - Krasnodar.

Recently the most comfortable cities of Russian were identified. To do this, an opinion poll was carried out. At the same time as the respondents to establish the comfort level of a city the dwellers were questioned. In the end, the first place all of a sudden Togliatti took. According to the dwellers, this city is the most attractive for the life of all other Russian centers.

Those versions that took second place look very interesting. As a result, a little less than a quarter (about 24%) of respondents said that in Russia there are no towns that are comfortable for human habitation.

12.96% of dwellers considered that the most comfortable city is St. Petersburg. Kazan took 4th place, Moscow 5th. In this case, it is noteworthy that, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok, Yaroslavl and Tomsk did not receive even a single vote as well.

The Russian Union of Engineers conducted an interesting study. Its main objective was to identify the most developed cities in Russia among others. Among the factors that were taken into account by analysts were as follows: transport infrastructure, housing development, population change, the welfare of citizens and the city's economy.

Thus, not all the cities of the Russian Federation have undergone study, but only those, whose population exceeds the level of 100 000 dwellers. As a result, 164 Russian cities were evaluated. The first 2 places predictably took Moscow and St. Petersburg. In these cities, according to analysts' estimates of the Russian Union of Engineers, is the highest potential of both public and individual development. In these cities the best professional community of the Russia is assembled. Moscow and St. Petersburg attract highly specialized professionals not only from Russia but also from many neighboring countries, and the European Union as well. In addition, these cities are more attractive to the development of private business for quite a long time.

In fact, these results did not surprise anyone. At all times the salary was higher and there were more opportunities in these cities than in other regions. In addition to significant development got not only these administrative centers, but their area. For example, Moscow has already become so great metropolis that it is served by the whole Moscow region.

On the territory of the Russian Federation there are countless cities of diverse sizes, with different levels of infrastructure development, industry, cultural and social spheres. In some cities dwellers are completely satisfied with their lives. Therefore the main goal our study was to determine the happiest city in Russia.

To obtain sufficient credible data the researchers had to ask several questions to each of the respondents who represented the city where they are living. In the end, they had to talk about whether they are satisfied or not with their present financial situation, as far as, according to them, the environment is good in their cities, whether it is safe to stay there, there is a positive trend in the development of the city, and, of course, whether they feel happy.

Immigration to Russia today is becoming more popular among the citizens of neighboring countries. This is due primarily to the significant improvement in the economy of the Russian Federation itself.

As in any other country, the move to Russia can be both legal and illegal. Of course, it makes sense to consider first of all legitimate options of moving into the Russian Federation.

Where most immigrants come to Russia from?

Who immigrates to russia? Most often immigrants in Russia are citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and China. Apart from them lately citizens of many other countries-neighbors of the Russian Federation connected to the process.

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