Russia - today, deservedly is the largest country by area in the world, located in the northeastern Asia and Eastern Europe. Over the centuries, there are disputes about that Russia is more Europe or Asia.

Russia geographically by 22% is located in Europe and the rest 78% is in Asia, based on this, that Russia is still Asia. But the Russian is a 9th country in the world in terms of population, of which, on the contrary 78% of people living in the European part and only 22% live in Asia, therefore, if we judge by the population, Russia belongs to Europe more.

where is the yekaterinburg

Haven't you decided where to travel yet? There are the mass of options - Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria ... But you can also get a lot of impressions in Russia too. After all, in this country there are so many beautiful places!

Museums, parks, landmarks

Perhaps the most beautiful architecture city in Russia is St. Petersburg. There are a variety of museums, theaters, galleries, and more in this city.


One of the most interesting places to visit in Russia is the Winter Palace, which is the main building of the Hermitage Museum. Apart from all the masterpieces - paintings, sculptures, various findings - which are inside the museum, the Winter Palace itself is an architectural masterpiece.

And of course, the other buildings of the Hermitage are also worth to visit.

We all know from childhood that the Soviet Union and later the Russia geographically is the largest country in the world, but not everyone knows which cities exactly are the greatest ones in the Russian Federation.

The largest city by area in Russia to be the surprise of all is considered ... not Moscow, but the small town in the Murmansk region, called Zapolyarny, with a population of less than 20,000 and an area of which is bigger almost 2 times than the area of Moscow and is 4620 square kilometers.


The second city by area in Russia, is a city of Norilsk, its area is about 4410 square kilometers. Such vast area is due to the fact that these cities have the largest iron and steel industries, and most of the territories were transmitted to them, these are places of coal-field and ore extraction.

Of course, the city of Kaluga cannot compete with Yaroslavl and Novgorod, Pskov and Kostroma. But the old Kaluga is a truly unique monument of Russian urban art of ages 18-19.

This cozy Russian city reminds Moscow of early 19th century, although St. Petersburg people believe that Kaluga is a small North Palmyra and visiting these places, you will better learn Russia.

This city has a lot of interesting temples

There are many attractions in the central square of the city: Trinity Cathedral, vying in its size with St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Seating yard is a whimsical architectural mix of Gothic and architecture - so the familiarity with the Kaluga begins.

Only 8 days left until the opening of the World Summer Universiade in Kazan. For the games almost all the sports venues of the city will involve, 30 of which have been specially built for the Universiade 2013.

Let's get acquainted with sports venues in which the main event of the International Student Games will be held.

So, the most important of these is the football stadium Kazan-Arena. Here organizers are planning to hold not only football competitions, but also the opening and closing ceremonies of the Universiade 2013. After that, the stadium will be the home ground of the club "Rubin"; in 2018 there the games of the World Cup will be held.

It is very difficult to navigate in the Moscow metro who has just arrived in Moscow. Station names depend on the line: where there is "Okhotny Ryad" on Sokolniki line and “Teatral'naya” on Zamoskvoretskaya line. This complicates the map, signs and announcements in trains. It is very hard to remember and pronounce names of the line. This makes them virtually useless for navigation.

I propose a different system, with common names of station stops and short names of the lines:

mosco metro

Common names of the stations stops

In London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, New York, Washington, Chicago, Mexico City, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing Union Transfer the platforms connected by one walking track is considered one station and that have a common name. In Moscow each platform of each line is considered a separate station.

One day my friend passed by "Barricadnaya", because "Krasnopresnenskaya" was announced on the train and he did not come out.

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