Historical and Cultural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin is the main attraction of Kazan. In 2000, it was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The first fortifications were built on the highest hill on the left bank of the Kazanka River at the turn of the X-XI centuries. The stone Kremlin has been erected in the middle of the XVI century on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, as during the storming of Kazan in 1551 almost all of the walls and towers were destroyed. Kazan Kremlin was constructed by the best Russian masters of the time.

Before the capture of Kazan, behind the walls Kremlin walls there were rich Khan's palace and many beautiful mosques. There were legends about the beauty of the Kul Sharif mosque. Built up to the 1000 anniversary of the city, and today the mosque is the most beautiful building of the city.

Kazan Kremlin

Today’s Kremlin is the seat of the President of Tatarstan. There is a museum-reserve "Kazan Kremlin," on the territory of which there is the one of the symbols of Kazan - the leaning tower of Suyumbike, as well as the governor's house, the Annunciation Cathedral, the main mosque in Kazan - the Kul-Sharif, the former military school, where there are now museums.

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