1. Vorontsov Palace is – one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea, lost in the shadow of South Park whether knight's castle, or palace of the Moorish kings, both toy and fundamental.

The palace was built from 1828 to 1848 years as a summer residence of a prominent Russian statesman, governor-general of the Novorossiysk region Count Mikhail Vorontsov. It was designed by the English architect Edward Blore. The architect did not come in Alupka, but he was well aware of the terrain. Material for a construction database was chosen, mined nearby. Red Square is also paved with diabase mined from this place.

Vorontsov Palace is – one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea, lost in the shadow of South Park whether knight's castle, or palace of the Moorish kings, both toy and fundamental

In the construction of the palace mainly peasants from the Vladimir and Moscow Province were used. Stonemasons and Stonecutters hereditary were involved in the construction, who had experience in the construction and relief decoration of white stone cathedrals. All work is done by hand, with primitive tools. The largest volume of excavation was carried out from 1840 to 1848 with the help of soldier battalion who built the terrace of the park in front south facade of the palace.

Before the October Revolution, The Vorontsov palace belonged to three generations of family Vorontsov. After the revolutionaries came to power, Vorontsov Palace was nationalized. In mid-1921 Vorontsov Palace was opened as a museum. In 1941, the Great Patriotic War began. Local authorities did not evacuate the exhibits of Alupka, and indeed of many other museums of the Crimea. Museum danger of destruction twice, and both times it was saved by a senior fellow at the museum S.G. Shchekoldin. The invaders stole a lot of art treasures, of which there were 537 paintings and drawings, and only a small part of the paintings was able to find after the war and return to the palace. This is described in detail in the book written by Shekoldin "Never mind the lions."

One of the first cities in the Moscow region was Dmitry based by Yuri Dolgoruky in 1154. Now Dmitrov, that won the competition as the most comfortable city in Russia, is a good place for a weekend trip from Moscow and the surrounding areas.


01. To get from Moscow to Dmitrov, located 50 kilometers north of the capital, is very simple. From quiet Savyolovsky Station the train rides 1 hour and 20 minutes. The station building of Dmitrov was built in the late XIX century.

On the occasion of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014, the interest of the international community in Russia, its traditions, culture, customs and religion is significantly increased.

Cultural and historical center crowned by the Temple's Holy Face of Christ the Savior Cathedral, built in the vicinity of the entrance area to the Olympic Park, allowed guests arriving to the venue of the Winter Olympics, get acquainted with the spiritual and cultural life and the long history of the peoples of the Krasnodar. In 2014 it became a worthy object of international hospitality, showing residents of the Olympic Sochi and his guests cultural, religious and historical significance of Russian Orthodoxy.

Temple of the Holy Face of Christ the Savior, in the spoken language is also called "Olympic Temple" or the briefly Redeemer Church – is an Orthodox Church in Sochi, Krasnodar region. It is located in a newly built large spiritual and educational center "Shelter of St. John the Baptist", near the Imereti lowland. Rector – is Archimandrite Flavian.

Church of the Holy Trinity – is an Orthodox church in the center of Adler, on Kirov Street.

Holy Trinity Church in Adler founded in 1898. This is Orthodox Church - Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in the Adler.

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