Kobrin is one of the oldest cities in Belarus with more than 700 years of history, architectural and historical ensemble of which preserved very well. History of the Kobrin associated with the name of Suvorov. He lived in these places from 1797 to 1800. In the city, there are several monuments to the Great Russian commander, I personally saw two. We started with embankment Mukhavets River, on the shore of which the sculpture boatswain is installed.

On the river bank of Mukhavets there is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It was built on the site of the first battle culminated in the victory of the Russian army in the 1812 war.

Let's start our little walk through Petrozavodsk.

Railway station in Petrozavodsk

This is the only monument in honor of Ulyanov-Lenin in Russia, in whose hands are not famous worker-peasant cap, but necessary thing for the local nature namely hat ear flaps.

The first mention of Namangan refers to the end of the XV century, and the status of the city it has since 1610 year. After the annexation of the Khanate of Kokand, which was a part of the Ferghana Valley, to the Russian Empire, it became the center of the Namangan district of Ferghana region. The city received the education, health and industry, population increased. In Soviet times, these processes are not stopped. Now Namangan is one of the largest cities of Uzbekistan, the number of its inhabitants surpassed 475,000.

In the intercity bus, which carried me out of Uch-Kurgan, tickets were sold by a young conductor. Making sure that I did not understand him, he showed his index finger. I still did not understand him and one of the passengers suggested:

Let’s take a short walk to the surrounding area of Samara near Bald mountains and caves brothers Greve. In fact, this area can be considered as part of Samara, but here is a real wildlife: you can meet wild boars, moose, foxes and hares.

Many probably know that in the Bald Mountain area everybody can find Father Alexander.

That's what my friend Peter wrote: "Near the mountain I met with the father Alexander. He lives as a hermit on the beach in a brick tower a few months. He engaged in iconography and I talk with him a bit. The next time he told us to take crackers."

Perhaps the main attraction of these places is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, built on the shores of Lake Onega in the 18th century.

So: the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (Uspeenskaya Church) is an Orthodox church in the city of Kondopoga of Kondopoga region in Karelia. The church is located in the historic part of the city, in the former village of Kondopoga, on the shore of Lake Onega.

Assumption church is a monument of wooden architecture of Zaonezhie and branch of the Kondopoga municipal museum of Local lore. During Orthodox holidays in the church services are held, mostly in the summer. According to the decree of January 23, 1918 about "the separation of church and state", all church property passed into the management of the Department of Museums, Monuments Protection of art and antiquities".

Smolensk Kremlin deserves special attention. Among all the castles that I've seen, I was impressed most strongly it is from it. It is huge (by area, it is 10 times more of the Moscow Kremlin), effectively placed in relief of the city and generally beautiful required to visit.

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