Volgograd almost has all varieties of public transport. The cost of trip on them is different. The cheap cost is by bus - 10 rubles ($ 0.3). In order to ride on the trolley bus or tram you will have to pay 12 rubles ($ 0.35). The most expensive, but fast public transport of the city is trains. A ride on them costs 26 rubles ($ 0.8).

The city, because of its geographical location has a high transport significance. There are 2 bus stations, carrying passengers within the Russian Federation and other countries. Everything else through this city 2 federal highways pass. There are also 2 rail stations. One of them is "Centralny" provides services not only commuter trains, but also long-distance trains. The second railway station in Volgograd only serves commuter trains. The river transport is very important for the city. There is Europe's largest river station as well.

volgograd russia

Directly to the docks at the same time 6 ships are able to moor. Building of river station is so large that the central part of the concert hall of the city is located in it. Except that here there is a cargo port "Tatyanka". With regard to air transport, it does not matter to the city. However, the city still has an international airport called Gumrak that has a class B (it is able to accept most types of aircrafts, but not all).

Public transport in the city is represented by trolleybuses, trams, buses and trains. Cost of 1 trip today is 13 rubles ($ 0.4). Besides, in the city the issue repeatedly raised by the construction of the subway, but it has not yet begun.

Trains have great importance for the city. Through it the most important ways of transporting cargo and passenger transportation pass. The city has its "air gates" - the airport "Bolshoe Savino" (Big Savino). It has the ability to take almost all types of modern aircrafts and has an international status. Planes taking off from it, not only operate flights with other Russian centers, but also with the cities of Greece, Spain, India, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and others.

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A sufficiently large number of roads lead to the city of Perm. Everything else the federal highway begins there leading to Yekaterinburg. The city has 2 river ports, which are the most eastern of all European ones. Thanks to them the heavy loads sent to the Caspian, Azov, Black, White and Baltic seas. Besides passenger transportations are carried out in Astrakhan, Rostov -on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The main kind of public transport in Krasnoyarsk are buses, which there are more than 1000 ones. The peculiarity of this city is that addition to buses in the city on the left bank there are only trolleybuses and on the right bank only trams. Previously electric trains only functioned in the city. Furthermore, it is assumed to freeze the project of subway construction, which began in 1995.

The city is quite important transport railway junction, as the Trans-Siberian Railway passes through it. In the near future, it is expected launch of high-speed trains “Sapsan” (Peregrine). 3 important highways: "Baikal", "Yenisei tract" and "Yenisei" pass through the city.

krasnoyarsk russia

River station in Krasnoyarsk is one of the most beautiful in Russia. Though, river transport does not have decisive importance for the city.

With regard to air transport, the city has 2 airports, which carry both passenger and freight transportation. At that airport "Cheremshanka" works exclusively within the Russian airlines, and "Emelyanovo" is international one.

To date, public transport in the city is mainly buses and trolleybuses. And mainly they are not municipal but privately owned. The cost per trip day is 11 rubles ($ 0.35). After 22:00 for the same service you will have to pay already 15 rubles ($ 0.45). It is proposed to build so -called light metro and light rail.

With regard to the transport in Voronezh, it consists of road, rail and air routes. In today Voronezh there are 2 railway stations. In addition, today a question of building a transit station on the left bank is considering. Within the city 2 bus stations operate. One is located in the central part, and the second in the south-west. Through the city highway "Don" and 1 regional road pass. The airport is not located within the city, but 5 km in its boundary. At the same time this airport has international status.

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In the city, there is a big enough problem with the drinking water supply. The fact is that underground sources are only used in Voronezh. As a result, the city has to save water, but it has a sufficiently high quality. Owing to the shortage of water in many districts previously from 06:00 until 12:00 and from 17:00 to 23:00, it was simply turned off. Now there is not this problem, but still even the head of the Voronezh Regional Administration notes that it is one of the main problems of the city.

Life in Saratov is measured and calm. In the city there are trams, buses and trolleybuses. Trip onto public transport here is relatively expensive. This applies especially night time, when you have to pay 18 rubles ($ 0.55) for one trip. In addition, there are a lot of taxis (minibuses). Since the 1980s, discusses the construction of the subway in the city, but today all that remains at the level of ideas. The city now is not even on the list of centers in which underground is going to build to 2020 as well.

saratov russia

The city is situated at the crossroads of several roads, rail and water lines. Also 6 federal highways pass directly through the city. Near the city the bypass road, reduces the load on urban roads. Rail transport is important enough for the city and 3 stations and two depots are responsible for it. At the same time there is an international airport in the country. In Saratov the construction of a new airport began in 2012.

The main transport for the city is electric transportation. Trolley buses and trams carry up to 70 % of all passengers. There are also 47 bus routes and the fare is set at 15 rubles ($ 0.45). The authorities decided that the tariff on public transport will increase annually. Now it will increase depending on the level of inflation. Besides taxis (minibuses) (71 routes) got fairly widespread.

A federal highway and 2 regional roads run through the administrative center. There are 3 bus stations in the city. In addition, there are three railway stations and at the main of them railway station was erected. From this station, passengers can go to any of the regions of the Russian Federation. The main air gateway here is an international airport. It is located in the eastern part of the city. In the southern part of Krasnodar is a cargo port on the river Kuban.

krasnodar russia

The city is located in the temperate climatic zone. It is characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The maximum average monthly temperature is in July (+24.1 °C), and the lowest - in January (+0.6 °C). The average annual temperature is same +12.1 °C.

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