In that case, if you are concerned about to what Russian city to move, you should first decide what you want to see in the future place of residence.


Naturally, the highest salary is offered by Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is for this reason, in these cities is the high level of solvency of the population. However, these cities have their own disadvantages. In the first place - housing is very expensive. Besides, it is not so easy to find a good job without registration in these cities. So often, in spite of its appeal, these cities remain inaccessible to move. Besides, you have enough to pay for housing and communal services, public transport and food.


Not always the question of to what Russian city is better to move the determining criterion is the level of wages. Some people prefer to live in a place where the pay is less, but people here are not so much, the environment is at a good level, and trip onto public transport would be minimal. With such preferences it is better to choose any relatively small city of the Russian Federation (up to 250 000 dwellers), in which there are no large industrial enterprises. At the same time there are a few fairly populated centers where both environmental conditions are favorable and the prices are acceptable. Excellent examples are the Lipetsk and Ivanovo, and the first every year is becoming cleaner.

It would seem that today the question of how to move to another city in Russia, is easy to solve enough, but even here there are pitfalls of the law.

It should first be noted that the number of administrative centers of the Russian Federation has very high property prices. So you should immediately determine whether it is possible to buy an apartment or a house. If not, you should not hurry with the search options to lease. It’s better to look for a job before this. All the matter is that many companies offer dorm rooms and sometimes entire apartments to their employees. You should give special attention to job search. It is best to seek employment on a formal basis. So you protect yourself from the many risks.

In that case, if you no longer wish to return to your former city, it is best to immediately find a buyer for your living space. Make it much safer through specialized companies and agencies. Obtained money is often enough to acquire an equivalent house in another center. Sometimes you can find options to exchange property. Though, in this case you need to apply to those agencies that are able to accurately determine the cost of housing your exchange partner. Thus, it is desirable to take into account the location of the house (the distance from schools, kindergartens, major shopping centers, health care facilities and entertainment).

Public transport in the city are buses, trolleybuses and trams. The fare is 12 rubles ($ 0.35). Besides, there are a lot of taxis in the city. With regard to regular taxi, the average fare for 1 km is 25 rubles ($ 0.75).

The city is a major transportation hub. Federal highway passes through the city called "Baikal". In addition, there are several roads of regional and local importance. By 2020 around the city and its boundaries several ring roads should appear. Importance of rail transport for Irkutsk determines the fact that it lies on the Trans-Siberian way. In the city, there are 2 railway stations. Irkutsk also has its own international airport.


City's water supply is mainly from the Angara River, but the city hasn’t got a system of centralized stormwater. It developed mostly in the central part of the city, but on the periphery, heavy rains become a real problem for vehicles and pedestrians.

The city is quite interesting in terms of public transport. The fact is that in addition to regular buses, trolleybuses and trams, in the city boats and ferries are widely used. This is due to the unusual layout of the city (there are many islands). The fare on almost all varieties of urban transport is 15 rubles ($ 0.45).

Vladivostok is a fairly major transport hub. This is largely due to the fact that Trans-Siberian Railway passes through this region. The seaport is no less important for the city located here. The airport is 44 km from the city and has an international status. As for intercity highways, federal highway "Ussuri" passes through the city as well as a highway, which connects it with the eastern port and Nakhodka.

vladivostok russia

Vladivostok has a monsoon climate, and despite the fact that the city is located at the same latitude as our Black Sea resorts, there is not so warm in the city. The summers are humid and warm, and winters are cold enough and dry. The average annual temperature here is +4.9 °C. Coldest month is January. The average temperature this month is equal to 11.3 °C below zero. The warmest time in the city is in August, when the air warms up to the average level +19.8 °C.

Public transport is well developed in the city. Unlike most other Russian centers, taxis are very important to this city. By and large they carry about 47 %-70 % of all passengers. The cost for 1 ride is currently 18 rubles ($ 0.55). In addition, in the city, there are buses, trams and trolleybuses. During the trip you will have to pay 16 rubles ($ 0.5).

Yaroslavl is of great importance as a transport hub and it is due to the fact that the city is located at the intersection of rail, road and waterways. Directly through the city, a federal highway passes called "Holmogory". In addition, there is the bus station. As for trains, there are 2 railway stations. Trains here go both suburban and inter-regional routes. Near the city 3 airports are located: Tunoshna, Levtsovo and Karachiha. However, only the first of them has the international status. Also, the city has a river port and railway station.

yaroslavl russia

Urban ecology is largely suffering from the fact that the city has several fairly large industrial enterprises, as well as many cars and other sources of pollution. As a result, air and water quality is not particularly high.

In the city, there are the following types of public transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams and taxis. By the way the fare is the same, namely, 15 rubles ($ 0.45). However, it is worth noting that this fare for taxi is minimal. In addition, the city has quite a number of services that provide taxi services.

In Khabarovsk Krai, this city is the most important in the transport and logistics perspective. The special importance is largely due to the fact that it passes through the Trans-Siberian railway. At the same time there is also a branch that connects the Baikal- Amur Railway with the Trans-Siberian. Besides directly in the city 4 railway stations are located. This city is located at the junction of federal highways, "Amur", "Ussuri" and "Vostok" (East) (under construction). Due to its location the city had the opportunity to develop the shipping company. From this city goods put out along the Amur River, both north and south in China. Khabarovsk has 3 airports, 2 of which are passenger, and one is the military.

khabarovsk russia

Environmental issues are important for the city. This applies particularly to water as the city gets it from the Amur River, which is largely contaminated with mercury compounds, phenol and oil discharged by Chinese enterprises. In addition to air pollution levels in the city exceed the maximum 3 times.

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