Prices for public transport the city today remains one of the lowest in the entire Russian Federation. The trolley ride costs only 5 rubles ($ 0.15). As for minibuses, their rate is at a level of 14 rubles ($ 0.4).

The airport Uytash is very important to for long-distance communications for the city. From it aircrafts make not only of domestic, but also international flights. Rail transport is also important for Makhachkala. Within the city, there are 2 stations. In addition, there are 2 bus stations and a river port.

makhachkala russia

The climate is temperate continental. The average annual temperature here is on the level +12.4 °C. The city has a very mild winter. In the coldest month - February average temperature is kept at around 1.5 °C below zero. As for the warmest month, it is July (average temperature is +24.7 °C). Average annual humidity is 77%.

Public transport of the city is buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. From 1 January 2013, the cost for bus rose to 14 rubles ($ 0.4), in the trolleybus for 11 rubles ($ 0.35), and in taxi - 16 rubles ($ 0.5).

The city is an important railway hub enough. The routes pass through it going to Ufa, Samara, Aktobe, Orsk, Moscow, Uralsk, Bishkek, Tashkent, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Astana, Adler, Chelyabinsk and others. In addition, Suburban Trains are available for dwellers in Orenburg. The town has a railway station and 2 airfields (military and civilian). Civilian airport carries out both regional and international flights.

orenburg russia

The climate of the city is sharply continental. Summer here is quite hot and dry. The warmest month here is July. Its average temperature is +22.3 °C. As for the winter, it is moderate. In the coldest month (January), the average temperature drops to 11.8 °C below zero. The average annual temperature here is at the level of +5.3 °C.

In this city, the cost of public transport is almost the lowest in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. The buses play here the main role and 1 ticket for them will cost 12 rubles ($ 0.35). As for the trolley and tram, the fare is only 7 rubles ($ 0.2). In addition to this there are in a lot of taxis in the city.

The roads are very important for Tomsk, some of which pass through the city, while others do not cross the boundary. One of the highlights is a branch of the federal highway "Baikal". Trains to the city are far less significant because no one large railway passes directly through the city. The city has its river transport. Here there is still a river station, from which a lot of passenger trips depart. In the city, there is no airport, but it is available in the Tomsk region.

tomsk russia

Ecology in the city is far from ideal. Over the entire territory of the city air pollution is marked. Most ponds have poor quality water. In fact, only the Semeykin Island is suitable for bathing.

After visiting the Shaman -rock we went to a tourist attraction – to visit a traditional Buryat village. In this report, we will see life of the Buryats, see traditional clothing, dance and listen to the beautiful songs about the lake Baikal and the plane of the USSR.

Buryat yurt. After Buryats became sedentary people, they continued to do yurt from wood, but not out of felt.

olkhon lake baikal

In Kemerevo there are the kinds of public transport such as tram, trolleybus and bus. The cost of a trip on the first two is now 10 rubles ($ 0.3), and on the bus - 12 rubles ($ 0.35). To ride in a taxi you will have to pay 14 rubles ($ 0.4).

Near the city (2.5 km) Airport is located. Besides a number of road and rail routes pass through the Kemerovo.

kemerovo russia

The climate of this city is sharply continental where winters are long and cold and summers, in contrast, is quite short, but moist and warm. The average annual temperature is equal to +1.4 °C. The coldest month is January, the average temperature drops to 19.1 °C below zero, and the warmest is July, it rises to +18.9 °C.

In Russia, Altai is considered a part of the Altai Mountains and the plains of southeastern West Siberia. Here we suggest you to take a fascinating journey in this amazing country.

altai mountains

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