Of public transport in the city, there are buses and trolleybuses. To date, the fare is 12 rubles ($ 0.3). Taxis are fairly common in Ryazan, the fare of which is slightly higher than the rates paid for travel on public transport.

There are 2 bus stations in the city. Federal highway M5 "Ural" skirts on the south side of the city. Besides the development of roads in Ryazan and around it is due to the fact that this city is a key point of the Big Ring Ryazan, which includes all regional centers. In addition, there are 2 train stations. To date, federal line passes through this regional center on which trains go to the south of Russia, the Urals and the Caspian Sea, as well as the international route to Central Asia. The city has two river ports: Trubezhniy and Borkowski. They carry mostly freight. At a time when the Oka River overflows, cruise ships begin to cruise. The city has 2 airports: north - Diaghilev (military) and south - Turlatovo (civilian).

ryazan russia

The main waterway is Oka River. It is from this river the city receives water for domestic and industrial purposes.

The climate is a temperate continental. Average rainfall falling here for the year is approximately 550 mm. Summer in the city’s warm enough. The average temperature of the warmest month - July is +20.2 °C. As for winter, it is moderately cold here. The coldest month is February (average temperature is 7.9 °C below zero). The annual average temperature here is +5.9 °C.

I've been in Murmansk for the first time, and immediately fell in love with it. Though, it was very cold because of the wind. Nothing! This is Murmansk, but not Derbent. This city is still the world's largest city in the Arctic Circle and Russia's only deep-sea port. In this city, there is a base of the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet and it is the largest industrial city of the Arctic as well. About two hundred days a year the land here is covered with snow.

murmansk russia

Yekaterinburg is located in the Middle Urals in Russia, so it is characterized by rather harsh winters. The cold here is heavier than in Siberia. In those days when I shot these photos, it was to -38 degrees in the street. In some frames you can see the frosty morning mist that covers the entire areas of the city and through it I could see only a few skyscrapers.

yekaterinburg in winter

Novosibirsk is a major industrial, business, commercial, cultural, transport and scientific center. It was founded in 1893 and received city status in 1903.

Since February 1, 2013, the city has new fares on public transport. To ride on the trolley or tram here you have to pay 16 rubles ($ 0.5). The bus ride costs 17 rubles ($ 0.5). The most expensive kind of public transport here is the subway. Per trip you will need to pay 18 rubles ($ 0.55). That is life in Novosibirsk is not so costly.

novosibirsk russia

As for the private taxi, then ride on the shuttle bus in Novosibirsk is from 23 to 45 rubles ($ 0.7 - $ 1.35), depending on the length of the path. Also numerous taxi drivers offer their services.

The city has 2 airports: Tolmachiovo and Severny (North). However, the second of which is not currently functioning. There are also 7 railway stations, the main of which is one of the attractions of the city and it is called the "Novosibirsk-Glavny".

If you thought today that you are in the coldest place on earth, then a visit to the city of Yakutsk in Russia will just change your opinion. For the coldest month - January usually "the highest" temperature is -40C, and it lasts about 3 hours per day.

Yakutsk is the coldest city on earth

1. In Yakutia, in which Yakutsk is the capital, 1 million inhabitants live, but its area is 3,083,523 km ², making it slightly smaller than India. For comparison, India has a population of 1.2 billion.

The main kind of public transport is the bus in Astrakhan. The cost of one trip is 13 rubles ($ 0.35). Except it there are a few more trolleybus routes. Tariffs for such transport are similar to the buses. In addition to this there are a large number of taxis.

The city has eight auto stations and one bus station from which buses run not only in other regions of the Russian Federation, but also to operate international trips. In addition, the city has an international airport and a railway station. River ports got sufficiently widespread in the city. The city already has 21 ones. The most important are the following: "Strelets - Terminal" port, Cargo Company "Armada", "Astrakhan Port", "South Terminal" and "Beluga Terminal". Also, there are several routes along the Volga River.

astrakhan russia

The climate in Astrakhan is arid. It is the closest to moderately continental and refers to the category of semi-desert. Only 233 mm of precipitation drops during the year. As a result, the city is the most arid of all major cities in Europe. The average annual temperature is +10.5 °C. Winters are warm enough (average temperature equals 3.7 °C below zero). In the summer average temperatures are +25.6 °C.

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