What are Russian elite afraid? By the results of the study "The Russian elite - 2020"

More than once we saw the poll results reflecting the views of ordinary citizens about current threats for modern russian political system. Today, however, we will discuss something new - the results of the study of opinions of the current Russian elite, which was held for 19 years. Is Russia a communist country? What Russian elite fear most today and how they sees the future of the country.

What Russian elite want?

For 19 years, the experts interviewed the representatives of the social group, namely, the State Duma deputies, the heads of large companies, the editors of the so-called leading media. On the basis of the collected data the report "The Russian elite - 2020" was published, which was presented recently in the international discussion club "Valdai". Unfortunately, the text of the report is no available, but the conclusions deserve your attention.

1. The elite want vertical power

Among the main threats to the national security, the respondents of the study note "weak controllability by country." The authorities do not respond adequately to internal threats, representing at the moment is much more dangerous than external ones. Among them are inflation, slowdown in the economy and inter-ethnic conflicts.

"This suggests that one of the key factors of Russian domestic politics in the near future will be the work to strengthen the vertical power and the elimination of internal contradictions. As a part of this trend, the authorities will likely take a number of measures to stabilize international relations in Russia ", - the report says.

2. The elite do not believe in democracy

What government does russia have? "Democracy is not the preferred form of government for Russian citizens: authoritarianism and technocrats considered as more adequate forms of russian political system for domestic conditions. Generational change in the Russian elite is unlikely to lead to significant liberalization and democratization of the regime", - the report says.

The Russian elite do not also believe in the rapid development of civil society institutions in Russia.

3. The Russian elite do not like the United States and hopes to the force of arms

It is interesting that, according to the study, the Russian elite are literally riddled with anti-American sentiment. By the way, many Americans believe that Russia is still a communist country. Moreover, anti-Americanism in the highest circles of government is growing from year to year and is most pronounced among "man of the sixties" those people who once thought the US bastion of freedom and goodness.

Experts attribute this to the disappointment with the results of liberal reforms, the collapse of the US image as a "kind and sympathetic partner." The aggressive US foreign policy has contributed to the anti-American sentiment, which does not change despite the change of the inhabitants of the White House.

Due to this, the Russian elite is increasingly considered "military factor as the key in international relations."

According to the study, the Russian elite do not want bring the country to a new stage of development, but to insure their elite status. "Elimination of internal contradictions" is important to "MPs, owners of factories and the media" not because it will make the lives of ordinary citizens happier, but because of to protect themselves against conflicts inside the ruling elite. Hence, too, there is an aversion to the aggressive policy of the United States and the desire to compensate for its own build-up of military power. Hence, too, "distrust of the institutions of democracy and civil society" - they are seen as something unknown and therefore dangerous.

In this case, it is not surprising that in some areas queries of the elite coincide with the needs of society. Some of the experts even suggested that this coincidence is not accidental. Supposedly, the Russian elite inculcate us their fears, to have the support of some solutions. Maybe so, but what is important.

The important thing is that among the elite requests no hint to develop the country. Not the slightest. Without it, the whole anti-Americanism, anti-democratic and militarism immediately turns into something moldy. So they offer us to join them dislike adversary in order to maintain the standard of living of the elite and the faint hope that the elite will take care of our "well-being".

But many here can say that we have some bad elite. In fact – they are not just bad. They are the same as elsewhere around the world. Simply, they had achieved everything they wanted and the main goal of them is to preserve acquired hard-won wealth. And people in their understanding are an external factor, for which is necessary to create the minimum conditions of existence and in which we do not represent a direct threat to them.

Why are the Russian elite so what they are?

The Russian "elite" are not agents of foreign intelligence services and the aliens. It is - a product of our own society. Just society allows them to be what they are. For this reason, in spite of their status, they have all our vices.

I was very surprised in the above report that the Russian elite are not some top club, but broken into small and numerous fragments. No, of course they are also combined with the taste, the level of consumption, the ability to understand the expensive wines and so on. But all of these deputies and director did not seem to feel their community. They are the elite, but everyone lives in his shell.

The elite, with all the seeming power, as well as a simple hard worker, are waiting for someone (Putin, in this case) to do everything for them. That someone will listen to their requests and will fix everything, protect from social explosions and bloodthirsty Americans. We need some other elite that is more competent and powerful.

The problem is that we do not have "other elite", like other people, too.

For 12 years of coexistence, the people and the elite have reached a kind of cautious neutrality. Hourly we send up, in general, the same query – the fire around us but none of my business. We are sending this inquiry automatically.

It is unable to indefinitely keep political system in Russia in a state of stability. From time to time it is necessary to break it down, at least for the sake of stability in the long term. If we do not do this, the system still burst itself, but only in the wrong direction.

The trouble of the Russian elite is that they absolutely do not want to break russian political system down even slightly. Even just a little, even for the sake of extending stability in the future - "let the fire around us but none of my business".

People at the same time are not going to upgrade at the expense of the elite (they call new "Stalin"), and the elite - at the expense of the people ("to cut, sell, optimize"). And everyone believes in his innocence.

Elite fears are understandable. Nobody wants to lose something that he so passionately sought all his life. But they will still have to lose. And they should already have realized that it is better to break yourself accurately, than to lose everything once and for all.


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