Two of the most popular ways to sneak into the United States without documents - is to cross to the US-Mexican border and take the boat to the coast of Florida. The first method is successfully used by millions of Mexicans, and the second - the Cubans, Dominicans, Guatemalans and Hondurans. Both those and others are opposed by thousands of members of the National Guard and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), well aware of all the methods of illegal entry into the country.

Few people know about this, but there is a third loophole that allows to sneak into the territory of the United States - is the Bering Strait, which separates Chukotka in Russia and Alaska. How far is Alaska from Russia? The shortest distance between two continents is only 55 miles, which theoretically can be overcome for a half hours by speedboat.

"We can only guess about the number of illegal immigrants who sneak into the United States through the Bering Strait on a fishing boat, inflatable boats and motor boats - says Charles Kozik, the activist of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration - CAII. - Over the last ten years we have not received from the management of ICE any comments on this issue..."

Kozik and his associates called Alaska as "state without borders", as its territory is virtually unguarded border - or guarded with the help of helicopters or using ships or with the help of infantrymen.

Last year backpacker Joseph Havanies from Washington State alone covered the distance from Chukotka to American town Teller. The journey took a day and on the way he met no one person. "All the necessary equipment I bought in an ordinary tourist shops, spending $ 650 - recognized Havanies. - Any tough person can get in America from Russian mainland…"

It should be noted that the electronic compass, night vision devices, binoculars, super warm jacket, super lightweight inflatable boats, and sprays to deter wild animals - that's all there are in the free market, both in Russia and the United States. Therefore, you can prepare for "taking the Bering Strait" yourself. In the end, the legendary American sportswoman Lynne Cox managed to swim across the Strait, which means that nothing is impossible for a potential illegal immigrant.

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It is also important to say: Alaska police indifference applies to travelers arriving from the west, unlike their counterparts in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas that stop almost every Latino, caught near the Mexican-American border.

A few weeks ago information appeared in the Korean press that the fishing schooner earned on the side by transporting illegal immigrants to the shores of America. Allegedly for a decent reward they can ferry anyone wanting on a boat to a place relatively close to Alaska.

"In late July - early August, when the temperature in Alaska reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the journey turns into a fascinating trek, - says one of illegal immigrants. - First, you get to the roadway, then catch the car and after a few hours you are in the hotel..."

Many readers wonder: Why do I need to move to Alaska if the living conditions in the state radically different from the living conditions in the same New York or Los Angeles and then Alaska is not close to Russia.? What is the point of living without documents on the "snowy field", sandwiched between Canada and Chukotka?

The answer is simple: from Alaska you can go to anywhere in the United States, not having the immigrant visa. Since this state is considered to be the territory of America, any flight to California, Texas, New York, or the Hawaiian Islands are considered to be "internal route". Consequently, the document requirements are quite different. US law states that for a flight over the territory of the United States requires a ticket and photo identification, i.e. staff ID card, green card, US passport.... Can you drive from Alaska to Russia?

With the passport illegals can go wherever they want. Although in practice it happens that airport employees still find fault with the lack of a visa in the passport. However, in this case, it depends on the personal qualities of the officer to whom you will go.

On the Internet, there are a huge number of stories about overcoming the Bering Strait by natives of Russia, China and Korea. In particular, one of the users brags that you can get to Alaska on Triple inflatable kayak for two and a half hours. The main thing is that all the passengers were good rowers. "The success of the journey depends on the physical fitness of the participants and the technical means - a compass, a GPS system and a scanner that determines the location of ships" - adds an unnamed illegal. By the way, what body of water separates Alaska from Russia?

User under nickname Hans generally argues that he got to New York, via Alaska and Canada without documents. US-Canadian and Canadian-US border, he went on foot under the cover of night. He moved via shuttle buses, trains and taxis.


By the way, the story of Hans is quite similar to the truth. The border between the United States and Canada - is by and large communicating zone, where for a dozen miles is one checkpoint, which houses one officer. The reason is clear: there are few people who want to move by illegal way from one successful country to another.

"Smile, European and English language skills - these are the three main means against anti-immigration police - recognized Hans. – For six weeks of my extreme journey no one suspected me of illegally crossing state borders."

One of the users of an online forum called illegals sneaking into America through Alaska as "desperate adventurers." In my opinion, this is a very precise definition. Judge: Alaska joined the United States in 1867, and the authorities still have not fixed any mass arrests of illegal immigrants from Korea, China and Russia, which according to unconfirmed reports sneak into the continent by thousands.

"Some people do not know what is happening at the border, while others prefer to keep quiet, - says a native of Alaska Pete Bulgarsky, a resident of the coastal town of Alakanuk. - Today in America a lot of foreigners want to get, and where there is demand there will be supply..."

But it is unlikely the Department of Homeland Security - DHS and the ICE want to ever take control of the border of the biggest state in the U.S. the facts of illegal entry into the territory of Alaska is too small, but for effective legislation and innovations at the federal level the loud precedent is needed...

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