What are Russian elite afraid? By the results of the study "The Russian elite - 2020"

More than once we saw the poll results reflecting the views of ordinary citizens about current threats for modern russian political system. Today, however, we will discuss something new - the results of the study of opinions of the current Russian elite, which was held for 19 years. Is Russia a communist country? What Russian elite fear most today and how they sees the future of the country.

What Russian elite want?

For 19 years, the experts interviewed the representatives of the social group, namely, the State Duma deputies, the heads of large companies, the editors of the so-called leading media. On the basis of the collected data the report "The Russian elite - 2020" was published, which was presented recently in the international discussion club "Valdai". Unfortunately, the text of the report is no available, but the conclusions deserve your attention.

As far as is known, only Dmitry and Matvey Shparo could cross the Bering Strait on ice until now, and this trip took almost three weeks... So, many wonder, can you drive from Alaska to Russia?

Expedition "ski bridge"

For the first time in the history, the Bering Strait was crossed on the ice.

The Strait, having a minimum width of 80 kilometers, in the winter locked with scrap, broken ice. Mash of the ice of different thicknesses resembles a swamp. Spaces of open water appeared suddenly, they are quickly locked with the 30-degree cold, on which you cannot swim in the boat and skiing. All that we call the ice conditionally due to currents and winds, unpredictable moves. With the southerly wind velocity of the ice in the Strait reaches 7-8 km / h. Only polar bears are feeling comfortable and confident and always roam about the ice floes in February-March. How much did Russia sell Alaska for?

After three unsuccessful attempts in previous years, Dmitry and Matvey Shparo started on 1 March in 1998 at 11.45 at the Chukchi time near the village Whalen.

Cargo of travelers at the start as follows: Matthew carried the sled weighing 90 kilo, Dmitry carried a backpack weighing 45 kilos. The products were taken for 12 days. Furthermore, each of the base groups (Chukotka and Alaska) had a supply of food for 10 days, which could be delivered by airplane or helicopter to the routing group.

From Chukotka to Alaska: "walruses" from the Perm region crossed the Bering Strait. Interview

Two residents of Perm region - Kulyapin Alexander and Elena Guseva (Berezniki) hit the "Russian Book of Records." In August, they took part in a relay swim Chukotka-Alaska across the Bering Strait, body of water that separates Alaska from Russia.

Elena Guseva and Alexander Kulyapin, the participants of the project "Chukotka-Alaska 2013"

The start took place August 5tn from Cape Dezhnev (Chukotka, Russia), finish - August 11th at Cape Prince of Wales (Alaska, USA). During the six days, 65 swimmers from 18 countries have overcome 134 kilometers instead of the planned 86 kilometers – given the northern and southern currents and wind. Kulyapin Alexander and Elena Guseva crossed together for about 10% of the route - 14 km.

How and why Russia sold Alaska?

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a "straight line" was asked about the prospects of joining Alaska to Russia. I decided to remind the readers, when, why and to whom Alaska was sold.

Vladimir Putin said that he considers frivolous talk about that to give back Alaska to Russia, which was sold to the United States half a century ago. "Let's not get excited"- joked Vladimir Putin, responding to a question.


April 17, in 1824 in St. Petersburg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire, Karl Nesselrode and US envoy Henry Middlton signed a treaty between Russia and the United States on the definition of the boundaries of the Russian territories in North America.

This agreement distinguishes the territory between Russia and the United States. According to this document, the border was established along the parallel 54 degrees 40 minutes north latitude. Russian pledged not to settle to the south, and the Americans - to the north of this line.

After the defeat of Russia in the Crimean War (1853-1856), The US government began to pursue the acquisition of the Russian possessions in North America. In March 1867 an agreement was signed for the sale of Russian Alaska and the Aleutian Islands to the United States for $ 7.2 million.

Bering Strait is - strait between the easternmost point of Asia (Cape Dezhnev) and the most western point of North America (Cape Prince of Wales). The smallest width is 86 km, the smallest fairway depth is 36 m. The strait connects the Arctic Ocean (Chukchi Sea) from the Pacific Ocean (Bering Sea). The strait was named after the Russian explorer Vitus Bering (born in Denmark), sailed on the ship through this strait in 1728.

Tunnel or bridge (Russia - Alaska) across the Bering Strait is - the project to connect Eurasia and North America (Alaska and Chukotka on / under the Bering Strait. The direct connection between North America and Eurasia should contribute to unprecedented economic growth on both continents.

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